Dr. K. G. Mandal


Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization:

  • Principles of Genetics & Population Genetics
  • Animal Breeding
  • Poultry Breeding

Five best Research articles:

  • Mandal, K.G., Sinha, R., Koley, N.P., Mani Mohan, Verma, S.B. and Sharma, S.D. (1994). Genetic parameters of body weight in Japanese quail. Indian J. Poult. Science,            29(1): 82-84.
  • Mandal, K.G., Sinha, R., Dattagupta, R., Mani Mohan, Verma, S.B. and Akhtar, S.M.H.(1995). Genetic parameters of slaughter traits in Japanese quail (Coturnix Coturnix japonica). Indian Vet. J., 72: 43-46.
  • Singh, S.R., Mandal, K.G., Singh, P.K. and Verma, S.B. (2010). Phenotypic characterization of Bachaur breed of cattle. Indian Vet. J., 87: 893-895.
  • Sharma, R., Panday, A.K., Singh, S.C.P., Singh, Y., Mishra, B.P., Singh S.R., Mandal, K.G., Singh, P.K., Singh, G. and Ahlawat, S.PS. (2007). Diversity assessment of Bachaur cattle from India: draft breed still relevant in mechanised era. Korean Genetics, 29(3): 369-378.
  •  Chandaran, P.C., Verma, S.B., Mandal, K.G., Singh, R.K. and Kumar, B. (2013). Characteristics and role of Shahabadi sheep in elevating the socio-economic status of farmers in Bihar. Indian J. Anim. Sciences. 83(9): 971-975.

Other publications:

Total Research Articles : 64
Extension Bulletin : 01
Radio Talk : 01
TV Talk : 01
Review Articles : 01
Practical Manual : 05


Honours and Awards:

SI. No. Name of the Honours and Awards Awarding Organization Year International/National/ Institutional
1. Awarded distinction in B.V.Sc. & A.H. examination. BCKVV, West Bengal 1982 State Govt.
2. Awarded merit scholarship during B.V.Sc. & A.H. Programme. BCKVV, West Bengal 1977 State Govt.
3. Awarded ICAR Junior Research Fellowship for M.V.Sc. Programme in 1982. ICAR, New Delhi 1982 National
4. Awarded certificate of excellence and cash prize for second best poster presentation in the National Symposium on “Domestic Animal Diversity: Status, Opportunities and Challenges” held at NBAGR, Karnal from 10-11th February, 2005. NBAGR, Karnal 2005 National
5. Awarded Shiksha Rattan Puruskar-2008 for outstanding services, achievements & contribution by IIFS, New Delhi. IIFS, New Delhi 2009
6. Awarded best teacher certificate in 2015. BAU, Sabour 2015 State Govt.


 Members of Professional Societies

SI. No. Recognition Duration Details
1. Indian Poultry Science Association. Life Membership IVRI, Bareilly (U.P)
2. Society for conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity. Life Membership NBARG, Karnal.
3. Indian Association for Animal Production. Life Membership New Delhi.

 Research Activities:

Completed Research Activities: –

SI. No. Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency PI/Co-PI
1. Network Project of AnGR on “Survey and characterization of Bachaur Breed of cattle in Bihar”. 3 Yrs. NBAGR (ICAR) PI: Dr. S. R. Singh

Co-PI: Dr. K. G. Mandal

2. Non-plan Project on “Development of Breed Descriptors for Shahabadi cattle and Diara buffalo in their native tracts” 3 Yrs. BAU, Sabour

Bihar Animal Sciences University (BAU)

PI: Dr. K. G. Mandal

Co-PI: Dr. Birendra Kumar

3. DNA Polymorphism of MHC DRB3 gene in Crossbred and purebred Cattle in their native tract.  

3 Yrs.


BAU, Sabour PI: Dr. Birendra Kumar

Co-PI: Dr. K. G. Mandal


4. Study on DNA polymorphism at Fec B gene and its association with litter size trait of Local Goats in Bihar.  

2 Yrs.


BAU, Sabour PI: Dr. R. K. Singh

Co-PI: Dr. S.B. Verma, Dr. K.G. Mandal, Dr. Birendra Kumar