SGIDT Department of Dairy Chemistry


Dairy Chemistry Department is engaged in teaching, research and extension in the fields of quality assurance studies on functional foods, chemical analysis of dairy and foods etc. The department has excellent facilities for teaching as well as research activity.


S. No Name Designation Contact No. Email
1. Dr. Binita Rani. Associate Professor cum Sr. Scientist and HOD 9430252402

2. Mr. Binod Kumar  Bharti Assistant Professor-cum-Jr. Scientist 7488541702



S. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. DTC-111 Biochemistry 2 (1+1)
2 DTC-121 Physical Chemistry of Milk 3 (2+1)
3 DTC-122 Chemistry of Milk 3 (2+1)
4 DTC-211 Human Nutrition 2 (1+1)
5 DTC-221 Chemistry of Dairy Products 3 (2+1)
6 DTC-311 Chemical Quality Assurance 2 (1+1)
7. DTC-321 Food Chemistry 3 (2+1)