SGIDT Department of Dairy Business Management

SGIDT Department of Dairy Business Management


Dairy Business Management (DBM) is a outstanding departments offers courses pertaining to economics, management, applied mathematics, statistics and computer applications as per the recommendations of the Vth Dean’s Committee of ICAR. Besides teaching the department is also engaged in undertaking studies and research on various issues pertaining to livestock sector. The DBM has an immaculate computer lab to impart teaching of prescribed courses to the students. All the computers are connected with internet service through BSNL Broadband. The whole faculty, staffs and students also access the computer lab for various academic purposes.

The department is in process of establishing a state of the art ‘Language Lab’ for learning of communication skills and different languages, particularly English by the students and interested staff members. The lab has already been furnished with furniture and fixtures and soon going to be operational.


S. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email
1. Dr. Awadhesh Kr. Jha Assistant Professor & Head 9430402510


S. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. DBM-111 Milk Production Management & Dairy Development 3 (2+1)
2. DBM-112 Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship Development 2 (1+1)
3. DBM-113 Environmental Studies                                               3 (2+1)
4. DBM-121 Computer Programming 3 (1+2)
5. DBM-121 Economic Analysis 2 (2+0)
6. DBM-211 Marketing Management and International 2 (2+0)
7. DBM-221 Operation Research 2 (2+0)
8. DBM-311 I.T.  in Dairy Industry 2 (1+1)
9. DBM-312 Cost Accounting 2 (2+0)
10. DBM-321 Financial Management 3 (2+1)
11. DBM-322 Dairy Extension Education 2 (1+1)
12.    DBM323 Industrial Statistics 3 (2+1)


P G Courses:

S. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. DBM-511 Dairy Business Management 3 (2+1)
2. DBM-512 Industrial Statistics 3 (2+1)

Research Facilities & Infrastructure

The department has state of the art with more than two dozen of latest model of computer, Internet facility and language lab.

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