SGIDT Department of Dairy Microbiology

SGIDT Department of Dairy Microbiology


Dairy Microbiology Division is currently engaged in research, teaching, consultancy, training and technology transfer in specialized field of Dairy Microbiology. Broadly, the research work of the division covers the areas related to starter cultures like direct vat starters (DVS) and fermented milk products such as indigenous probiotics. The research includes filled like functional efficacy and work on gut microbiota, Prebiotics and Synbiotics etc. The department undertakes teaching and guidance for both under-graduate and post-graduate Programs of the University. The scientists regularly participate in different specialized training Programs. The department has well equipped with U.G. and P. G. laboratories. The department is in the process buttressing the lab facilities with modern equipment.


S.No Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1.  Dr. Rakesh Kumar Associate Professor cum Sr. Scientist & HOD  7766932544
2. Dr. Mrs. Sonia Kumari Assistant Professor cum Jr. Scientist 8292230618

Teaching / Courses

S. No. Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
1. DTM-111 Fundamentals of Microbiology 3 (2+1)
2. DTM-121 Microbiology of Fluid Milk 2 (1+1)
3. DTM-222 Microbiology of Dairy Products 2 (1+1)
4. DTM-221 Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products 3 (2+1)
5. DTM-331 Quality and Safety Monitoring in Dairy Industry 3 (2+1)
6. DTM-321 Food and Industrial Microbiology 3 (2+1)
Total 16 (10+6)

Research Laboratories / Units

There are two laboratory in the Department, one for Undergraduate and other for Post graduate. Undergraduate laboratory is engaging the students of B.Tech., Biotech for practical in different semester. In future PG programme is about to start. The PG laboratory is also well equipped with basic equipment needed to start the programme.


Name of the Scientist Research Paper / Review Article Popular Articles Books Book Chapters
Dr. Sonia Kumari 14 12 00 02
Dr. Rakesh Kumar 30 35 02 10