Department of Veterinary Physiology


The Department of Veterinary Physiology is one of the oldest departments of Bihar Veterinary College, Patna as per VCI Curriculum in U.G. program and is in existence since the inception of the College. About 20 M.V.Sc and one Ph.D. degree was awarded and more that 250 research papers were published in standard journal of national and international repute. As Physiology teaching is concerned with basic and strategic activities and ensures involvement of students in different basic research methodologies carried out to understand for courses to be taught in other higher professional year curriculum like Animal Nutrition, Vety. Pharmacology & Toxicology, ARGO, Vety. Public Health, Vety. Medicine etc. The Veterinary Physiology is the prerequisite for teaching, research and extension at many subjects and to impart knowledge to the students, researchers and extension workers engaged in the field of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences. The department provides excellent teaching to UG & PG students with the help of all teaching aids and practical facilities and infrastructure for conducting research in all areas to achieve outcome to be transferred from Lab to land programme (ICAR transfer of technology programme) and accordingly was organizing demonstration, off campus training and other extension activities.

Presently the department of Physiology is participating under many extension activities such as on campus training, demonstration of farmers, paravets and field Veterinarians for the adoption of innovation for socio-economic upliftment of livestock farmers, increasing livestock entrepreneurial traits of livestock farmers.


  • Provides good teaching at Under-graduate and Post-graduate level on the different courses of Veterinary Physiology.
  • To conduct need-based researches and mandate objectives of Physiology.


  • General and Systemic Physiology Lab. (Refrigerated Centrifuge, Rotary shaker)
  • Molecular Physiology Lab. (Thermal cycler, Gel Doc, Ice flake machine)
  • Reproductive Physiology Lab (Bio-digestor machine)
  • Environmental Physiology Lab. (Max. Min. Thermometer, Sunshine recorder etc.)
  • Haematology Lab. (Haemocytometer etc.)

Academic Activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI)

Sl. No.

Courses No.

Course Title

Credit Hrs.

1 1st Professional Year First year Physiology Professional Course 4+1


MVSc. Courses (As per ICAR)

Course NO.

Course Title

Credit Hrs

VPY 601 Physiology of Digestion 2+1
VPY 602 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology 2+1
VPY 603 Renal Physiology and body fluid dynamics 2+1
VPY 604 Haematology 2+1
VPY 605 Vitamins and Minerals in Animal Physiology 2+0
VPY 606 Physiology of Animal Reproduction 2+1
VPY 607 Clinical Physiology 2+1
VPY 608 Neuromuscular Physiology 1+0
VPY 609 Chemical bioregulation in Physiological functions 3+0
VPY 610 Research Techniques in Veterinary Physiology 0+2
VPY 691 Master’s Seminar 1+0
VPY 699 Master’s Research 20

PhD Courses (As per ICAR)

Course NO.

Course Title

Credit Hrs

VPY 701

Applied Physiology of body fluids and electrolytes


VPY 702

Physiology of Animal behaviour


VPY 703

Comparative Physiology of ruminant digestion


VPY 704

Advances in neuro-endocrinology


VPY 705

Myophysiology and Kinesiology


VPY 706

Avian Physiology


VPY 707

Physiology of Lactation


VPY 708

Advances in environmental Physiology and growth


VPY 709

Advances in rumen microbiology and metabolism


VPY 710

Advances in Immunophysiology


VPY 711

Physiology of Stress


VPY 790

Special Problem


VPY 791

Doctoral Research – I


VPY 792

Doctoral research – II


VPY 799

Doctoral Research


PGS Non-Credit Compulsory courses

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours


PGS- 502

Technical writing and communication skills



PGS- 503

Intellectual Property and Its Management



PGS- 505

Agricultural Research Ethics and Rural Development Programmes



PGS- 506

Disaster Management


Research Activities

Completed Research Projects:

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1. AICRP Scheme on Improvement of Feed Resources and Nutrient Utilization in Raising Animal Production 2004-2012 ICAR, New Delhi Co-PI: Dr. Pramod Kumar
2. Understanding the mechanism of variation in status of a few nutritionally important micronutrients in some important food crops and the mechanism of micronutrient enrichment in plant parts 2009-2014 NAIP, ICAR PI: Dr. Pramod Kumar

Ongoing Research Projects:

Sl. No. Title of the Project Year of Start Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1. Establishment of ETT Laboratory with IVF facility to enhance milk production and productivity among non-descript and descript breeds of Bihar 2018 DADF, GOI PI: Dr Ravindra Kumar Co-PI: Dr. Pramod Kumar

Faculty Members

S. No Name Mobile No. Email ID More
1 Dr. Pramod  Kumar + 91 7488374329 More..
2. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Choudhary +91 9918616388 More..
2. Dr. Anandita Srivastava +91 9468885648 More..

Supporting Staff

S. No Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Sri Shankar Prasad Gupta Assistant Animal Attendant 8877701968

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Contact Details

Dr. Pramod Kumar
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Physiology
Contact No.: +91 7488374329
Email ID.: