TitleDate of Seminar/Workshop
Brainstorming session on "Future perspective of bacteriophages Application" Under NAHEP25-26th March, 2022
Workshop-cum-webinar on "Art and Science of Handling Infertility in Dairy Animals" Under NAHEP25 March, 2022
Training on "Impact of climate change and heat stress amelioration
measures in livestock" Under NAHEP
23-24th March, 2022
Training on "Medicinal plants and their role in animal and human health" Under NAHEP16-17th March 2022
Workshop on "Entrepreneurship Development in Goat Production and its value Addition" Under NAHEP14-15th March 2022
Hands-on Training on " Entrepreneurship for Poultry Processing" under NAHEP03/01/2022
Seminar on "Histological Architecture of the Blood cells of Different Domestic Animals" under NAHEP,04 August, 2021
Seminar on " Covid-19 vaccines with focus on vaccines available in India " under NAHEP,18 July, 2021
Online Seminar on "International Yoga Day" Under NAHEP
21 June, 2021
Online Seminar on "Positive Living" Under NAHEP
18 June, 2021
Online Seminar on "Psychological Wellness" Under NAHEP
15 June, 2021
Online Seminar on " Zoonotic Potential of Parasitic diseases of Dog and Cat Origin " Under NAHEP
05 June, 2021
Online Seminar on "" Effective Interpersonal Communication" Under NAHEP
04 June, 2021
Online Seminar on "Key to Happiness and Success " Under NAHEP
29 May, 2021
Online Seminar on "Ayurvedic way of health management in COVID-19" Under NAHEP
28 May, 2021
Online Seminar on " Covid: early detection and prevention and vaccination " Under NAHEP
26 May, 2021
Online Training Program on "Investigative Approaches for Animal Disease Diagnosis" Under NAHEP
25 - 27 May, 2021
Online Workshop on “Equine Colic, Challenges in Imaging Diagnosis and its Management” Under NAHEP
21 - 22 May, 2021
Training Program on "Functional Foods of Dairy Origin" Under NAHEP
17 March, 2021
Workshop on "Novel Approaches in Pathological Diagnosis of Important Diseases of Farm and Companion Animals" Under NAHEP
15-16 March, 2021
Workshop on "Canine grooming and Spa" Under NAHEP
10 March, 2021
Online Training Program on "Pathological Diagnosis of Economically Important Diseases of Farm Animals and Poultry" under NAHEP08-09 March, 2021
Training Program on Technique of hygienic production and processing of
meat under NAHEP
04 February, 2021
Seminar on “Health issue in Wildlife and Their Management for the Benefits of Students and Veterinarians" under NAHEP23 January, 2021
Seminar on " Offspring sex selection: Methods and Concepts " under NAHEP06 November, 2020
Seminar on " Genomic selection a tool for improvement of production potential of indigenous poultry breeds "under NAHEP30 October, 2020
International Webinar on “Recent Advances in Enteric Methane Emission and its Mitigation Strategies" under NAHEP20 October, 2020
Seminar on " Echocardiographic Diagnosis of Acquired Cardiac Diseases in Dogs and Their Management " under NAHEP11 October, 2020
Workshop on “ Basic concept of Diagnostic Radiology and interpretation of Radiograph " under NAHEP15-17 October, 2020
International Webinar on “Nutritional Interventions for Environmentally Sustainable Livestock Production"
29 - 30 September, 2020
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