Completed Research Projects

  1.  National Agricultural Higher Education Project (Innovation Grant)
  2. Experiential Learning Unit (Critical Care Unit)
  3. Strengthening and Up gradation of TVCC as a Experiential Learning Unit for Pet animals
  4. KrishiMantrana : An AI Based Multimodal Dialog-System for Farmers
  5. Improving rural livelihood security of tribal and resource constrained farmers of North Bihar through low cost technology of Animal Husbandry and Horticulture
  6. National Network for Fisheries and Animal Anti-microbial Resistance (INFAAR)
  7. Network of Live Germ Plasm Centres For Indian Major Carps And Minor Carps Of Regional Importance
  8. Nutritional Amelioration Strategies for heat Stress to Sustain Dairy Milk Production in Bihar State of India.