Veterinary Clinical Complex

Veterinary Clinical Complex


Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, Bihar Veterinary College, Patna, since its inception in the year 07.10.2009 serves the need of treatments of all animals including wild animals, diagnosis of diseases of animals, clinical teaching and various veterinary extension Activity through it different units. The Veterinary Clinical Complex (VCC) is a premier centre of state for treatment and diagnosis of diseases of animals. About 15,000 clinical cases of various animal species in medicine, gynaecology, surgery and the pet animal section are provided treatment and about 5,000 samples were tested in diagnostic laboratory annually. Furthermore, VCC is providing clinical teaching programme to impart the need based practical training and research in animal health to the undergraduate, postgraduate students and field veterinarians.The hospital is registered under biomedical waste disposal.


  • To provide animals health clinical services to the public as well as clinical training and research facilities to the undergraduate and post graduate students.
  • To provide veterinary ambulatory clinical services and farm / pet animal consultancy to the public.
  • To organize need based training / awareness programmes for the benefit of the veterinary students and veterinary practitioners


  • Indoor facility
  • Outdoor facility
  • ECG
  • Ultrasonography
  • Laparoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • ICU
  • Online Patient Registration
  • Computerized radiographic system.
  • Large Animal Operations
  • Small animal Operation
  • Dentistry
  • Diagnostic facility
  • Bio-medical waste unit

Academic Activities

Academic activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI Old)

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Course No. Course Title Credit Hrs.

Research Activities

Completed Research Projects

S. No.

Title of research project Start of Year Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1.      Adoption and refinement of Artificial Insemination with frozen Semen in different Agro climatic condition of Bihar 2013-2015 State Government PI: Dr. R P Pandey
Co-PI: Dr.Ankesh Kumar
2.      Comparison and development of standard protocol of oestrus induction in anoestrous buffaloes 2018-2020 Bihar Animal Sciences University PI: Dr.Ankesh Kumar
3.      Project on Emu farming 2012-2016 State Plan PI: Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Co-PI: Dr. G D Singh
4.      Cytopathological and histopathological diagnosis and grading of superficial neoplasia in animals 2013-2015 State Plan PI: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Co-PI: Dr. G D Singh
5.      To prepare visual Aid of leg conformation of Horse 2013-2016 State Plan PI: Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
Co-PI: Dr. G D Singh

Ongoing Research Projects:

S. No.

Title of research project Start of Year Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1. Evaluation of Proliferative and apoptic markers in canine mammary tumour for diagnosis and prognosis 2019 State Plan PI: Dr. Kaushal Kumar
Co-PI: Dr.Gyan Dev Singh

Faculty Members

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Mobile No.

Email ID


1. Dr.Ankesh Kumar 9430668934 More
2. Dr. Ranveer Kumar Sinha 8987384101 More
3. Dr. G D Singh 9472256473 More
4. Dr. Bhavna 9419240175 More
5. Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh 7895605257 More

Supporting Staff

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Mobile No.

1.      Sanjay Kumar Registration Assistant 7004207858
2.      Kumari Rashmi Technical Assistant 8935920081
3.      Rambali Das Multi Tasking NA
4.      Munna Ram Multi Tasking 9117209666

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Contact Details

Dr. Pallav Shekhar

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex
Bihar Veterinary College, Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 9431060262