SGIDT Department of Dairy Engineering

Department of Dairy Engineering


As a component of Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, a state agricultural institution, the department of Dairy Engineering was established in 1981. Dr. M. D. Singh served as the department’s first head and makes the department functional for UG teaching. The core of the B. Tech. Dairy Technology course is the Dairy Engineering, which deals with fundamental concepts, simulation/modeling, and equipment design for diverse milk and milk product manufacturing processes. The development of machinery and equipment as well as the production of a wide variety of milk and milk products are both possible in it. The goals of the department include conducting teaching, research, and extension in the areas of energy conservation and dairy and food process engineering. Additionally, the department creates the engineering databases needed for the design of dairy process equipment and instrumentation. It aids in the mechanization of the dairy production process in India. Along with providing instruction and in-plant training for UG and PG students, the dairy engineering department designs and develops tools and equipment to fulfill industry needs. Participate in technical training, consulting, and technology transfer to businesses, industries, etc.The department is also involved in advancing science, technology, and innovation to provide businesspeople, stakeholder groups, and farmers with the most modern machinery and equipment for processing, value addition, energy conservation, and environmentally friendly technologies. Future plans for the department include the start of M. Tech. and Ph. D. programmes in dairy engineering as well as entrepreneurial training for degree-holding students. In order to make our organization/institution a centre of excellence with consistent dedication from all of the faculty and employees to meet the objectives of our institute, the department plans to use artificial intelligence in the dairy and food industries in the future.


  • To produce technical personnel for the food and dairy industries.
  • To conduct a UG B. Tech. (Dairy Technology) course and a P.G. M. Tech. (Dairy Engineering) course.
  • To give instruction for minor courses at PG level in other disciplines.
  • Training for students, farmers, and business owners on small, medium, and large-scale dairies.
  • Research and Extension activities in the field of Engineering and Dairy Technology.



The Department is Actively Engaged in Teaching, Research, and Extension activities.

The Department has the Following Major Labs:

  • Fluid Mechanics lab
  • Dairy Process Engineering lab
  • Workshop practice lab
  • Thermodynamics and Refrigeration lab
  • Engineering Drawing lab
  • Electrical Engineering lab
  • Instrumentation and Process Control lab
  • Heat and mass Transfer lab

The Department has the Following Apparatus:

  • Drilling Machine
  • Electric welding Machine
  • Bench Vice- Carpentry vice (2) and Fitting vice (2)
  • Grinding Machine (Fixed)
  • Polishing Machine
  • Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
  • V- Notch Apparatus
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus
  • Models of Boilers
  • Model of Two-Stroke Engine
  • Model of Four-Stroke Engine
  • Models of a Spark Plug System
  • Models of the Compression Ignition System
  • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
  • Forced Convection Heat Transfer Apparatus
  • Pool Boiling Experimental Apparatus
  • Multiple Effect Evaporator Model
  • Three-Stage Spray Dryer Model
  • Induction Cooker
  • Ostwaald Viscometers
  • Thermometers
  • RTD Experiment
  • Thermocouples
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Water level Indicator

Academic Activities

  • UG Courses
S. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. DTE-111 Workshop Practice 2 (1+1)
2. DTE-112 Fluid Mechanics 3 (2+1)
3. DTE-113 Engineering Drawing 1 (0+1)
4. DTE-121 Thermodynamics 2 (1+1)
5. DTE-122 Heat & Mass Transfer 3 (2+1)
6. DTE-123 Boilers and Steam Generation 2 (1+1)
7. DTE-124 Basic Electrical Engineering 3 (2+1)
8. DTE-211 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning 3 (2+1)
9. DTE-212 Dairy Engineering 3 (2+1)
10. DTE-221 Dairy Process Engineering 3 (2+1)
11. DTE-311 Instrumentation and Process Control 3 (2+1)
12. DTE-321 Food Engineering 3 (2+1)
13. DTE-322 Material Strength & Dairy Machine Design 3 (2+1)
14. DTE-323 Dairy Plant Design and Layout 2 (1+1)
15. DTE- 324 Energy Conservation and Management 2 (1+1)


  • PG Courses :
S. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. DTE-511 Dairy and Food Engineering 3 (2+1)
2. DTE-512 Heat Transfer (optional) 3 (3+0)
3. DTE-522 Design of Process Equipment 3 (2+1)
4. DTE-524 Environmental Engineering 2 (2+0)

Research Activities

S. No. Details PI/Co-PI


Project entitled “Process optimization for thermal sterilization of paneer of milk from Bihar origin” (2018-2020)


Faculty Members



Mobile No.

E-Mail ID


01 Dr. J. Badshah

9939469106 More
02 Dr. K. Murari 9430485047 More
03 Mrs. Rashmi Kumari 6205883264 More
S. No. Name Designation Mobile no.
1. Mr. Alok Kumar Technical Assistant 8210957750
2. Mr. Khela Paswan Lab Attendant 7319910207

Contact Details

Dr. J. Badshah

Associate Professor & Head
Department of Dairy Engineering
Sanjay Gandhi Institutes of Dairy Technology
Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 9939469106
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