Brief Introduction

            Dr. Jahangir Badshah did his B. Sc. Agricultural Engineering from AAI, Allahabad affiliated to University of Allahabad in 1982, M. Tech. Ag. Engineering (Dairy & Food Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1984 and Ph.D. degree in the discipline of Dairy Engineering from NDRI, Karnal in 1999. His Post graduate specialization work was on “Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of milk in plate and surface coolers” and his doctorate work was on “Studies on forewarming and evaporation in scraped surface heat exchangers for production of sweetened condensed milk.”
Dr. Badshah has received Bharat Gaurav Award from International Friendship Society of India in 2011, Best Teacher award in 2014 from Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, Best poster paper award in 2014 at NDRI, Karnal and Distinguished Dairy Professional award in 2018 from Dairy Technocrat’s Association, Bihar.  Recently Dr. Badshah has received the Lifetime Achievement Award in International Scientist Awards 2021 on Engineering, Science and Medicine by VDGOOD Professional Association, India. In the year 2022, Glacier Journal Research Foundtion, Global Management Council, Ahmedabad has given National Award of Excellence 2022 under Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Puraskar on 20th December, 2022. Besides a number of invited lectures at important seminars/conferences, he has more than 20 articles, 5 research papers published in reputed journals to his credit besides he has presented large number of papers at various national and International conferences/Symposia. He has also chaired technical sessions in some of the National Symposia. He has written/edited 2 book chapters and edited 2 proceedings/souvenirs of the conferences. He organized one national conference as organizing Secretary.             Dr. Badshah also completed peer reviewing of project proposals/Research papers/ M. Tech. thesis for various Journals in the fields of Dairy and Food Process Engineering. He has an institutional research work on “Process standardization and optimization for shelf life enhancement of Paneer from milk of Bihar origin.” He has served four years in COMFED as Technical Officer (Dairy Engineering). He was also associated with NDDB, Anand during his apprenticeship as Bihar Cluster Federation Trainee with COMFED. He was also the member of Working Group Committee at Vocational Courses training Centre at Bhopal.  

Area of specialization:

  • Dairy and Food Process Engineering

Five Best Publications:

  • Badshah, J. Kumar, Sanjeev, Kumar Suryamani, Bharti, B. K. and Jha, A. K. 2022. Opportunities and Challenges of Indigenous milk products of Bihar. Published in Book entitled “Traditional Dairy Products – Taste of India” edited by S. Sivakumar and Rekha Chawla. New Delhi Publishers, New Delhi. pp: 1-14.
  • Kumar, Sanjeev, Kumar, Suryamani and Badshah, J. 2022. Traditional milk products of Bihar origin: An overview. Published in Book entitled “Traditional Dairy Products – Taste of India” edited by S. Sivakumar and Rekha Chawla. New Delhi Publishers, New Delhi. pp: 72 -89.
  • Badshah, J., Jha, A. K., Bharti, B. K. 2016. Technologies for production of indigenous milk products. Chapter in a book on Food Process Engineering and Technology, Pub. By Excel India Publishers, New Delhi, pp: 363-370.
  • Badshah, J., Kumar Rakesh and Jha, A. K. 2017. Green Technologies and Utilities in Dairy and Food Industries for sustainability in rural India: A Review. In proceeding of National Conference on climate change and agricultural production: adopting crops to climate variability and uncertainty, 6th – 8th April, 2017 at B. A. U. Sabour, pp: 656-657.

Research article and Review articles (Best 05 articles):

Research Papers published in the Journals: :

  • Badshah, J., Bharti, B. K. and Kohli, R. K. 2022. Residence time distribution and Flow Behaviour study of horizontal liquid full scraped surface heat exchangers using water. Frontiers in Crop Improvement. Vol. 10: 393-399 (Special Issue – I) July 2022, Online ISSN : 2454-6011, Astha Foundation, Meerut, U. P. (India).
  • Badshah, J., Jha, A. K. and Bharti, B. K. 2022. Physical, Rheological and Thermal Properties of milk and condensed milk – A Review. Int. J. Agriworld, Vol. 3(1), January, 2022, pp: 33 -38.
  • Bharti, B. K., Jha, A. K. and Badshah, J. 2022. A Review on Chemical Composition and Nutritional Properties of Goat Milk. Int. J. Agriworld, Vol. 3 (2) August -2022: 9- 14.
  • Bharti, B. K., Badshah, J. and Beniwal, B. S. 2021. A Review on comparison between bovine milk and plant based coconut milk. The Pharma Innovation Journal. Vol. 10(3): 374 -378.
  • Badshah, J., Bharti, Binod Kumar and Jha, A. K. 2021. Myths about bovine milk and their counteracting : A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. Vol. 10(5): 1250-1253.

Best Technical / Popular articles :

  • Badshah, J. and Kumar, Sanjeev. 2019. Dairy Ariithmetic of milk and milk products for sustainable Dairy Entrepreneurship. Journal of AgriSearch, vol. 6 (special issue): 146-49.
  • Badshah, J. and Singh, M. N. 2011. Paradigm shifts in Technology of Ice-cream and Icecream Freezer. Beverage and Food World, Jan. 2011, Vol. 10(3): 374 – 378.
  • Badshah, J. 2010. Environment Friendly refrigeration or green refrigeration in dairy and food industries. In Souvenir of the National conference on green technologies in dairy and food industries held on Aug. 27-28, 2010 at KVAFS University, Bidar, DSC campus, Hebbal, Karnataka, Bengaluru, pp: 46-54.
  • Badshah, J. and Kohli, R. K. 2000. Application of scraped surface heat exchangers in production of sweetened condensed milk. Indian Food Industry, Vol. 19(3), ISSN:0972-2610. pp: 190-197.
  • Badshah, J. and Kohli, R. K. 2000. Applications of votators in condensed milk production. Processed Food Industry. pp: 14-15.

Members of Professional Societies :

  • Indian Dairy Association”. Vide Reg. No. –RE/EZ/LM/867/BH
  • Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, India”. Vide Reg. No.- 7930.
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, I.I.T., New Delhi”. Vide Reg. No. LM 19780.
  • Indian Dairy Engineers Association, NDRI, Karnal, Haryana”. Vide Reg. No. IDEA/LM/07/43.
  • Dairy Technology Society of India, NDRI, Karnal”. Vide receipt No. 053, dated 01.09.2005.

Research Activities :

 Completed Research Project:

S. No.

Title of research project


Funding agency



Process standardization and optimization for shelf life enhancement of Paneer from milk of Bihar origin

 One year
(28.08.2018 to 27.08.2020)

State Plan Fund, BASU, Patna

P.I.-Prof.(Dr.) J. Badshah


Market Assessment and Process Upgradation of Indigenous milk Products of Bihar (Belgrami/Khorma and Chhena Balushahi)


BAU, Sabour

Co- P.I. Dr.J. Badshah


Ongoing Research Projects:

S. No.

Title of research project

Start of year

Funding agency


1. Effect of Ohmic Heating on rheological and sensory attributes of skimmed milk and whole Milk (Cow & Buffaloes)

Submitted in 2022-23

BASU, Patna

Mrs. Rashmi Kumari/ Co- Pi.- Prof. (Dr.) J. Badshah

2. Process optimization of Low Fat Long Life herbal vacuum packaged Paneer/soft cheese

Submitted in 2022-23

BASU, Patna

PI- Prof. (Dr.) J. Badshah/Co.PI- Mrs. Rashmi Kumari, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Honours and Awards: :



Name of the Award

Awarding Agency

Whether international/ national/ regional/state level

1. Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2011)

India International Friendship Society

International National

2. Best Teacher Award (2012-13)

BAU, Sabour


3. Distinguished Dairy Professional Award (2018)

Dairy Technocrats ‘Association, Bihar


4.  Best Poster Paper Award on “Flow pattern, Friction Factor and residence time distribution for horizontal liquid full scraped surface heat exchanger using wter by Badshah, J., Sawhney, I. K. and Kohli, R. K

 9th National Convention of Dairy Engineers Association on Sept., 8-9, 2014.


5. Reviewer Excellence Award on 25.04.2020

Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research


6. Reviewer Excellence Award on 12.08.2020

Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research


7. Life Time Achievement Award from

VDGOOD Technology Factory International Scientist Award 2021 on Engineering, Science and Medicine


8. Letter of Recognition – A distinction of being The Best Professor-2022 in the country

Global Management Council(Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Purashkar (National Award of Excellence 2022)


9. Distinguished Scientist Award

International Research Awards INRC -2023