Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding

Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding

The Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics was one of the constituent units of the Major department “Animal Husbandry” which included Animal Breeding & Genetics, Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. This department became an independent identity in 1950 which consisted of Genetics, Animal Breeding, A.I. and Statistics. Later on, Artificial insemination was attached with the deptt. of Animal Reproduction & Gynaecology. This department has been actively engaged in UG and PG teaching, need based research and extension activities.

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1 Dr. Birendra Kumar
Assistant Professor & Head
2 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Suchit Kumar
Assistant Professor

UG Courses (VCI Syllabus)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. hrs. Semester
1. AGB-111 Bio-statistics and Elementary Computer Application 2+1 I
2. AGB-121 Principles of Genetics and Population Genetics 2+1 II
3. AGB-211 Livestock and Poultry Breeding 2+1 III

P.G. Courses (As per ICAR)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1 AGB-601 Animal Cytogenetics and Immunogenetics 2+1
2 AGB-602 Molecular Genetics in Animal Breeding 2+1
3 AGB-603 Population and Quantitative Genetics in Animal Breeding 2+1
4 AGB-604 Selection Methods and Breeding Systems 3+1
5 AGB-605 Biometrical techniques in Animal Breeding 3+1
6 AGB-606 Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources 2+0
7 AGB-607 Cattle and Buffalo Breeding 2+1
8 AGB-608 Small farm animal breeding (Sheep, Goat, Swine and Rabbit) 2+0
9 AGB-609 Poultry Breeding 2+1
10 AGB-610 Laboratory Animal Breeding 1+0
11 AGB-691 Master Seminar 1+0
Total 22+7=29
12 AGB-699 Master’s Research 20

Ph.D. Courses :

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1 AGB 701 Recent advances in Animal Genetics 2+0
2 AGB 702 Recent trends in Animal Breeding 2+0
3 AGB 703 Advances in Biometrical Genetics 2+1
4 AGB 704 Advances in Selection Methodology 2+1
5 AGB 705 Bioinformatics in Animal Genetics and Breeding 2+0
6 AGB 706 Advances in Molecualr Cytogenetics 2+0
7 AGB 707 Utilisation of Non-additive Genetic variance in Farm Animals 2+1
8 AGB 791 Doctoral Seminar I 1+0
9 AGB 792 Doctoral Seminar II 1+0
10 AGB Doctoral Research 45

Research, Facilities & Infrastructure
The department has been actively engaged in need-based research programmes in agro-climatic conditions for genetic improvement of livestock and avian resources through formulation of appropriate breeding strategies including crossbreeding, grading up, selection methods and adaptability and obtained desirable results. Genetic improvement through research at molecular level has been taken up.
The department has seminar room, UG and PG labs, molecular genetics lab, IT unit.

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