BASU Circular & Notifications

पशु पोषण विभाग का अतिरिक्त प्रभार हेतु शुद्धि पत्र28/06/2022
पशु पोषण विभाग का अतिरिक्त प्रभार हेतु कार्यालय आदेश 27/06/2022
Office order regarding central purchase committee.18/06/2022
बायोमेट्रीक उपस्तिथि पर रोक लगाने के संबंध में कार्यालय आदेश17/06/2022
कार्यालय आदेश : डॉ० रविन्द्र कुमार, निदेशक अनुसंधान, बिहार पशु विज्ञान विश्वविधालय, पटना को वित् नियंत्रक, बिहार पशु विज्ञान विश्वविधालय पटना के अतिरिक्तप्रभार से मुक्त करने के संबंध में |17/06/2022
Guidelines to regular the operation of University Vehicle Pool07/12/2021
Advertisement Policy 202130/08/2021
Regarding COVID-1901/04/2021
Regarding Contingency Grant for Students01/04/2021
Preparing and forwarding of notes in the files.14/08/2020
Campus Response/Management Committee constituted for the protection of the persons within the BASU campus from COVID-19.10/05/2020
The process of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) put on hold.16/04/2020
COVID-19 के संक्रमण के दौरान यात्री वाहनों के परिचालन के संबंध में |15/04/2020
Circular for Emergency Services during lockdown06/04/2020
Regarding one day salary will be deducted and deposited "chief Relief Fund"03/04/2020
Regarding Nomination of Nodel officer for Green Campus Initiatives09/04/2020
Schedule of Duty of the Clinicians of VCC during Emergency (9.00 AM go 1.30 PM)
Departmental visit wrt facility available as per VCI norms in different departments of BVC, Patna28/03/2020
Approved credit Course entitled “Research and Publication Ethics (RPE)”.22/02/2020
Criteria to be adopted by Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna in the disbursement of stipend.22/01/2020
Guideline for the recruitment of teachers/scientists in this University22/01/2020
पटना शहर पक्षी के असामयिक मृत्यु के कारणों एवं समाधान हेतू तकनीकी जांच दल में नामित सदस्य

Order for Purchase from GEM portal05/03/2018
BASU - Circular For Transfer of Units 05/12/2017