Department of Veterinary Anatomy

Department of Veterinary Anatomy


The Department of Veterinary Anatomy was established in the very beginning i.e. in the year 1930 when Bihar Veterinary College Patna was opened as the 4th Veterinary college of India. As the college was awarding diploma to the Graduates at the completion of three years, the subject of anatomy was limited primarily to the Gross Anatomy of domestic animals viz., Ox, Horse, Dog, Pig Sheep Goat and Fowl. Later on Histology and Developmental Anatomy were added with the conversion of courses to the degree courses of four years duration science 1949. The Department acquired the distinction of starting post graduates courses in early sixties. The PG level was first started up to Master level there soon followed by Ph.D. courses. With the advent of Rajendra Agricultural University in the year 1971, the department of anatomy has produced Six Ph.D. and seventeen M.V.Sc. Candidates to its credit.


    Name & Designation
Mobile No.
1 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti
Assistant Professor & Head


2 Dr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor


3 Dr.Avnish Kumar Gautam
Assistant Professor


4 Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha
Assistant Professor




Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor



U.G. Courses (As per VCI)

Sr. No. Course No. /


Course Title/ Unit Titles Cr. Hrs.


1. Unit 1 to 8 Veterinary Anatomy (4+3=7)

P.G. Courses   (As per ICAR)

Sr. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. VAN -601 Comprative Osteology &Arthrology 1+2=3
2. VAN – 602 Comparative Splanchnology 2+2=4
3. VAN -603 Myology,Angiology,Neurology&Aesthesiology of Ox 1+3=4
4. VAN -604 Gross Anatomical Techniques 0+2=2
5. VAN – 605 Theory and Practices of Histology and Histochemical Techniques. 1+2=3
6. VAN -606 Gross Histology and Ultrastructure 3+1=4
7. VAN -607 Systemic Histology and Ultrastructure 3+1=4
8. VAN – 608 Developmental Anatomy 3+1=4
9. VAN -691 Master’s seminar 1=0=0
10. VAN -699 Master’s research 20

Ph.D. Courses

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. VAN-701 Myology, Angiology, Neurology and AesthesiologyOf Equine, Canine and Procine 0+3
2. VAN-702 Principles and Applications of Biomechanics 2+0
3. VAN-703 Avian Anatomy 1+2
4. VAN-704 Neuroanatomy 3+1
5. ANN-705 Endocrine Anatomy 2+1
6. VAN-706 Theory and Application of Electron Microscope 2+1
7. VAN-707 Histoenzymology and Immunocytochemistry 2+1
8. VAN-708 Applied Embryology and Teratology 1+2
9. VAN-709 Functional Veterinary Anatomy 2+0
10. VAN-710 Gross Anatomy of Laboratory Animals 1+1
11. VAN-790 Special Problem 0+2
12. VAN-791 Doctoral Seminar I 1+0
13. VAN-792 Doctoral Seminar II 1+0
14. VAN-792 Doctoral Research 45

Research facilities and infrastructure

  • Preparation of visual aid for leg conformation of Horse
  • Histological and Histochemical studies on endocrine and organs of reproductive and excretory system of Indian Buffalo
  • Gross,Histological,Histochemical and Histoenzymatic studies on various organ system of all domestic animals including birds and Wild animals.
  • Establishment of Histological, Histochemical and Histoenzymatical architecture in salivary gland of rabbits.
  • CD and manuals of normal and abnormal conformation of forelimb and hind limb of equine.
  • Gross anatomy laboratories
  • Histology laboratory
  • Museum
  • Histotechnique laboratory
  • Enzyme histochemistry laboratory
  • Ultra microtome laboratory.


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