Department of Livestock Production Management

Department of Livestock Production Management


The Department of Livestock Production and Management has been come into existence in the year 1981 after bifurcation from the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding of the college. Currently this department is engaged in teaching the subjects of Animal handling, Dairy Farming, Sheep and Goat, Swine, Rabbit, Pet, Draught, Wild animal, Fish and Laboratory animal Production and Management to under-graduate and post-graduate students. As per VCI norms, this is the largest department of faculty of veterinary and animal sciences.Historical changes in the demand for livestock products have been largely driven by human population growth, income growth and urbanization and the production response in different livestock systems has been associated with science and technology as well as increases in animal numbers.  The big increase in animal protein demand over the last few decades has been largely met by the intensive and sustainable livestock production.

2. Faculty

Sl. No. Name & Designation Mobile No.  Email ID
1 Dr. Shree Prasad Sahu
Asstt. Professor & Head
2 Dr. Ravi Kant Nirala

Asstt. Professor

3 Dr. AmrendraKishor

Asstt. Professor

4 Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Asstt. Professor

5 Dr. Ravi Ranjan Kumar Sinha

Asstt. Professor


3. Academic

UG Courses (As per VCI)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1. LPM-111 Livestock Production Management-I (General principles and ruminants) 3+1
2. LPM-121 Fodder Production and Grassland Management 1+1
3. LPM-122 Livestock Production Management II (Monogastric and Laboratory animals) 1+1
4. LPM-211 Avian Production Management 1+1
5. LPM-221 Commercial Poultry Production and Hatchery Management 1+1
6. LPM-222 Livestock Production Management (Regional Interest) 1+1
7. VPP-322 Aquatic Animal Diseases, Health Care and Management 1+1
8. VMD-512 Zoo/Wild Animal Breeding, Nutrition, Management and Health Care 1+1
9. VMD-513 Pet/ Animal Breeding, Management, Nutrition and Health Care 1+1
10. LPM Livestock Production Management 4+2

 P.G. Courses (As per ICAR)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
1. LPM-601 Cattle and Buffalo Production and Management 2+1
2. LPM-602 Sheep and Goat Production and Management 2+1
3. LPM-603 Swine Production and Management 1+1
4. LPM-604 Laboratory Animal Production and Management 1+1
5. LPM-605 Shelter management


6. LPM-606 Principles of Environmental Hygiene and Waste Management 2+0
7. LPM-607 Climatology and Animal Production 1+0
8. LPM-608 Poultry Farm and Hatchery Management 2+1
9. LPM-609 Farm Animal Behavior 1+0
10. LPM-610 Integrated Livestock Farming System 2+1
11. LPM-611 Equine Production and Management 1+1
12. LPM-612 Wild Life Management and Conservation 2+0
13. LPM-613 Livestock Business Management 1+1
14. LPM-614 Forage Production and Conservation 1+1
15. LPM-691 Master’s Seminar 1+0
16. LPM-699 Master’s Research 20

Ph.D. Courses

S. No. Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
1. LPM-701 Advances in Cattle and Buffalo Productionand Management 3+0
2. LPM-702 Advances in Sheep and Goat Production andManagement 2+1
3. LPM-703 Advances in Swine Production and Management 2+1
4. LPM-704 Advances in Laboratory Animal Productionand Management 1+0
5. LPM-705 Advances in Poultry Production Management 2+1
6. LPM-706 Advances in Environmental Management 1+1
7. LPM-707 Advances in Equine Management 2+0
8. LPM-791 Doctoral Seminar I 1+0
9. LPM-792 Doctoral Seminar II 1+0
10. LPM-799 Doctoral Research 45

4. Research Facilities and Infrastructure

List of research Projects Completed : 08

The department has been actively engaged in research on different specialized livestock farming systems, management techniques, stress management, health management, nutritional management and economical eco-friendly utilization and disposal of farm wastes.

  • Lecture theatre, UG and PG laboratories.
  • Well organized Instructional Livestock Farm.
  • Well trained & experienced Human resources.

 5. Publications

Research Popular Articles Lab Manual Books
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