Department of Livestock Products Technology

Department of Livestock Products Technology


The discipline started functioning as a separate Department of Food Technology at the end of 1985. Previously it was tagged with Dept.  of  LPM of the college. To conduct research on need based problems in the area of Livestock Products Technology and dissipate their findings through lab. to land programme, the department conducts various activities with students and farmers.

2. Faculty

Sl. No.
Email ID
1 Dr. Sushma Kumari Asstt. Professor & Head 8651763321
2 Dr. Rohit Kumar Jaiswal Asstt. Professor & Head 7567594169
3 Dr. Gargi Mahapatra Asstt. Professor & Head 9007606543, 8100761222

U.G.  Courses (As per VCI)

Course No. Course Name Credit Hrs
LPT- 311 Milk and Milk Products Technology 1+1
LPT-312 Abattoir Practice and Animal Product Technology 1+1
LPT-321 Meat Science 1+1

 Research facilities and Infrastructure

Research  : 

  1. Prepared quality casing and scum meal from goat intestine.
  2. Standardized the technique  for production of plain and chromic
    catgut from goat intestine and collagen sheet from buffalo intestine.
  1.    Developed low cost goat meat nugget and balls.
  2.    Dry pet food for adult dog was developed with incorporation of animal by-product meal.

Major equipments & structures :    Plate freezer, Vacuum packaging machine, stunning apparatus Butter moisture balance etc
Halls, Lab. etc.     Good facilities available for  Lab. work, milk and meat product processing  and small ruminant slaughtering.

5. Publications

Research Popular Articles Lab Manual
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