Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction:           

                     Dr. Shiv Raj Singh did his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture from S.K.N. College of Agriculture, Jobner, and his M.Sc. (Dairy Economics) and Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics) from the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana. He was the recipient of a merit scholarship during the postgraduate and doctoral programmes at the National Dairy Research Institute, Haryana.

                     Over the course of his academic career, he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students in the disciplines of dairy business management, agricultural economics and agribusiness management. As a Major Guide, he has guided 02 M.Sc. (Agril. Economics) and 03 MBA (Agribusiness) students. He also guided 12 students as a co-advisor. He has contributed to the postgraduate course curriculum by reviewing and implementing the BSMA recommendations in the MBA (Agribusiness) degree programme at S.D. Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar.

                      He conducted four research projects as PI under the university research scheme and five research projects as Co-PI, including the MOSPI, New Delhi project. In the MOSPI project, he worked as CC-PI for Western India (Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra). Published 24 research papers, 01 book, 02 practical manuals, 03 working papers, 06 book chapters, 08 university reports, 08 popular article and 06 proceeding papers. He is the recipient of four national awards. 

                       He played a key role as a member of the Task Force Committee Constituted for Gujarat Plains and Hills Region (Agro Climatic Zone-XIII). Performed administrative roles as Nodal Office-ICAR, Nodal Officer-IAUA, and Technical Person from the university side to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India.

Area of specialization:

  • Dairy Economics
  • Production Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Research Methodology
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Macro Economics
  • Micro Economics

Five Best Publications:

  • Singh S.R. & Datta, K.K. (2019). Growth and determinants of organized dairy industry: A panel study, Indian Journal of Dairy Science, Vol. 71(5): 509-516.
  • Singh S.R., Thakar, K.P. and C. Soumya (2018). Status and determinants of crop insurance in Gujarat, Indian Journal of Economics & Development, Vol. 14(2): 288-294.
  • Singh S.R. & Datta, K.K. (2016). Farm household food security in India. Indian Journal of Economics & Development, Vol. 12(1): 15-23.
  • Singh S.R. & Datta, K.K. (2016). Re-visiting National Dairy Policy in the Light of Indian Dairy, Indian Journal of Agriculture Business, Vol. 2(1): 73-83.
  • Singh, S.R. & Datta, K.K. (2013). Importance of socio-economic and institutional factors in the use of veterinary services by smallholder dairy farmers in India, Current Science, Vol. 105 (5): 580-586.

Other Publication :

  • Research Paper: 24
  • Book/Manual Published: 03
  • Book Chapter: 06
  • Popular Article/ Review Paper: 10
  • Working Paper: 03
  • University Publications: 08
  • Extension Literature: 07

Members of Professional Societies :

  • Member of Peer review Board (2020) of Journal of Management Research and Analysis.
  • Member of Peer review Board (2020) of Multilogic in Science Journal.

Research Activities :

 Completed Research Project:

S. No.

Title of research project


Funding agency


1. Scheme for farm cost studies of important crops in Gujarat State 2015-2020


Government of Gujarat Co-PI
2. Scheme for creating a permanent machinery for studying cost of cultivation/production of principal crops grown in Gujarat State 2015-2020


Government of Gujarat Co-PI
3. Scheme for market intelligence and export promotion 2015-2020


Government of Gujarat Co-PI
4. Status of crop insurance in Gujarat 2016-2017 University  Funded PI
5. Status of agricultural credit in Gujarat 2017-2018 University  Funded PI
6. Status of dairy sector in Gujarat 2018-2019 University  Funded PI
7. Performance of organised dairy industry in Gujarat 2019-2020 University  Funded PI
8. Total factor productivity growth of potato in Gujarat 2018-2019 University  Funded Co-PI
9. Estimation of production and utilization pattern of milk and milk products in India 2020-2023 Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, New Delhi Co-PI

Honours and Awards: :


Name of the Award

Conferred by (Name of Organization)

Year of Award

1. Best Paper Award Indian Dairy Association, New Delhi 2013
2. Best Paper Award Indian Dairy Association, New Delhi 2015
3. Best Paper Award Indian Dairy Association, New Delhi 2018
4. Young Scientist Award RASSA, New Delhi 2022