Department of Veterinary Pathology

Department of Veterinary Pathology

1. About

The department of Pathology was established in 1927 as one of the major department of this Institute. Since inception of the department notable work on diagnosis and control of important diseases in animals were done by the department. Pioneer work has been done in the department for diagnosis and control of Nasal granuloma in cattle of Bihar. Extensive work on collection, identification and pathogenesis of paramphistomiasis (Gillar and Pitto) diseases were carried out. Pathological studies on amphistomiasis in cattle were also done. It was started to provide good quality teaching, diagnostic and Research service to the undergraduate students, field veterinarians, private practitioners, poultry industry, private and governmental Research Institutes and Wildlife authorities etc. The department is also involved in identification of infectious diseases and toxic agents in animals that are brought to the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex by examination of clinical samples. Besides, necropsy diagnosis and histopathological, cytological, haematological examinations, urinalysis and others are also performed in the department aiding in clinical diagnosis.

 The department has rich museum and great collection of slides and specimens of varieties of disease conditions in animals.

2. Faculty

 S.No. Name & Designation Mobile No. E-mail
1. Dr. Imran Ali, Asstt. Prof. & HoD 9430963397, 8249246469
2. Dr. Kaushal Kumar, Asstt. Prof. 9430569285, 7250256648
3. Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Asstt. Prof. 9939016422
4. Dr. Deepak Kumar, Asstt. Prof. 9572698885, 7903225880

3. Teaching :

U.G. Courses (As per VCI )

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs. Semester
1. VPP-211 General Pathology 2+1 III
2. VPP-221 Systemic Pathology 2+1 IV
3. VPP-311 Special Pathology-I 2+1 V
4. VPP-321 Special Pathology-II 2+1 VI
5. VLD-421 Vet. Lab. Diagnosis 0+2 VIII
6. VLD-511 Vet. Lab. Diagnosis 0+2 IX

P.G. Courses (As per ICAR)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1 VPP 601 General Pathology 2+1
2 VPP 602 Techniques in Pathology 1+1
3 VPP 603 Animal Oncology 1+1
4 VPP 604 Clinical pathology 1+2
5 VPP 605 Necropsy procedures and interpretations-I 0+1
6 VPP 606 Necropsy procedures and interpretations-II 0+1
7 VPP 607 Systemic pathology 2+1
8 VPP 608 Pathology of infectious diseases of domestic animals 2+1
9 VPP 609 Toxicopathology 2+1
10 VPP 610 Avian pathology 2+1
11 VPP 611 Pathology of Laboratory animals, fish and wild animals 2+1
12 VPP 612 Veterolegal pathology 1+0
13 VPP 691 Master’s Seminar 1+0
14 VPP 699 Master’s Research 20

Ph.D. Courses

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1 VPP 701 Pathology of nutritional and metabolic disturbances 2+1
2 VPP 702 Advances in Toxicopathology 2+1
3 VPP 703 Advances in Diagnostic Pathology 1+2
4 VPP 704 Ultrastructural Pathology 1+1
5 VPP 705 Immunopathology 2+1
6 VPP 706 Pathology of important and emerging diseases of pets and livestock 1+1
7 VPP 707 Advances in avian pathology 2+1
8 VPP 708 Pathology of fungal diseases 2+1
9 VPP 709 Molecular pathology of cell injury 2+1
10 VPP 710 Experimental pathology 1+1
11 VPP 790 Special problem 0+2
12 VPP 791 Doctoral Seminar – I 1+0
13 VPP 792 Doctoral Seminar – II 1+0
14 VPP 799 Doctoral Research 45

 4.Research facilities and infrastructure

 The department has completed many curricular researches and awarded M.V.Sc. degree and published several research papers in national and international journals. Facts are given below:

  • Pathology of mycoplasma infection in respiratory and reproductive organs of sheep and goats.
  • Studies on this pathology of diseases in zoo animals of  S. G. Biological Park, Patna
  • Pathological study on inflammation in the domestic fowl.
  • Pathological studies on parasitic diseases in buffaloes
  • Pathology of infectious bursal disease in poultry in and around patna
  • Pathology of arteriosclerosis in buffaloes.
  • Participation in various extension activities of college and RAU (Kishan  Mela, Kishan Gosthi etc.)
  • Several Radio & Television talks have been delivered by the faculty members of the Department from time to time.
  • Collection, identification and pathogenesis of morbid specimens from disease outbreak
  • Training to Veterinary Officials and animal husbandry functionaries have been delivered by the faculty members of the Department.
  • Post Mortem examination of livestock, poultry, wild life and Vetro-legal cases.
  • Gross & histo-pathological examination of the Morbid specimens received from Govt. farms, Veterinary Hospital, Police Dog squad, Public farms, zoological garden, Valmiki Tiger Reserve National park and field outbreak’s etc.
  • Diagnostic (Haematological, Bio-chemical Urinalysis and) test of the sample received from clinical cases as per the requirement made by clinician.
  • Cytological examination of lymph node and bone marrow smear  (for tumours)
  • Histopathological processing and diagnosis of tissues from laboratory animals used for Toxicological/research studies from pharmaceuticals, research institutes and colleges
  • Plan and conduction of various drug trials [private agency trials] in poultry birds
  • Differential staining for various diabetic trials in lab animals e.g. Gomori’s & PAS

 5.Publication :

Research Extension Pub Lab Manual Books
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