Department of Veterinary Physiology

Department of Veterinary Physiology

1. About

The Department of Veterinary Physiology is one of the oldest department of Bihar Veterinary College, Patna and is in existence since the inception of the College. About 20 M.V.Sc. and one Ph.D. degrees were awarded and more than 200 research papers were published by the scientists / teachers in standard journal of national and international repute.

 2. Faculty

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1. Dr. Pramod Kumar,
Asstt. Prof. & HoD

3. Teaching
U.G. Courses (As per VCI)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs. Semester
1. VPY 111 Locomotor, C.V., Respiratory systems and Blood 2+1 I
2. VPY 211 Reproduction, Lactation and Endocrinology 2+1 III
3. VPY 121 Digestive Excretory and Nervous System 2+1 II
4. VPY 221 Growth, Environmental and Climatology 1+1 IV

P.G. Courses (As per ICAR)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1 VPY 601 Physiology of Digestion 2+1
2 VPY 602 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology 2+1
3 VPY 603 Renal Physiology and Body Fluid Dynamics 2+1
4 VPY 604 Haematology 2+1
5 VPY 605 Vitamins and Minerals in Animal Physiology 2+0
6 VPY 606 Physiology of animal Reproduction 2+1
7 VPY 607 Clinical Physiology 2+1
8 VPY 608 Neuromuscular Physiology 2+1
9 VPY 609 Chemical Bioregulation in Physiological Functions 3+0
10 VPY 610 Research Techniques in Veterinary Physiology 0+2
11 VPY 691 Master’s Seminar 1+0
12 VPY 699 Master’s Research 20

Ph.D. Courses

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Credit hrs.
1 VPY 701 Applied Physiology of Body Fluids and Electrolytes 2+1
2 VPY 702 Physiology of Animal Behaviour 2+0
3 VPY 703 Comparative Physiology of Ruminant Digestion 2+1
4 VPY 704 Advances in Neuro-Endocrinology 2+1
5 VPY 705 Myophysiology and Kinesiology 2+1
6 VPY 706 Avian Physiology 2+1
7 VPY 707 Physiology of Lactation 2+1
8 VPY 708 Advances in Environmental Physiology and Growth 2+1
9 VPY 709 Advances in Rumen Microbiology and Metabolism 2+1
10 VPY 710 Advances in Immunophysiology 2+1
11 VPY 711 Physiology of Stress 2+1
12 VPY 790 Special Problem 0+2
13 VPY 791 Doctoral Research I 1+0
14 VPY 792 Doctoral Research Ii 1+0
15 VPY 799 Doctoral Research 45

4. Research facilities and infrastructure

 Research Achievements:

  • Relation of hypothalamo-hypophyseal and gonadal system during course of post natal development at the age group of 12-42 months of age (prepbubertal to late maturing stage) in Murrah buffalo heifers was studied.
  • Hormonal profile of reproductive hormones were studied and analyzed for treatment of different reproductive problems on basis of hormonal deficiency under field conditions.
  • Novel synchronization techniques Fertihance, Ovsynch and Heatsynch have been tried under field conditions to improve fertility of animals.
  • The Department conducted a trial of utilization of non-protein nitrogenous (NPN) substances in form of Diammonium hydrogen citrate and Diammonium hydrogen orthophosphate in Black Australorp laying hens for the first time in the country.
  • The method to collect blood samples from wild felids in fully conscious state without physiological strain and stress have been developed. The trypanosomiasis in a white tigress was detected in live condition with its detailed study of blood biochemical profiles and other symptoms for the first time that is being used as reference base to detect trypanosomiasis in wild felids.
  • On the basis of extensive survey of mineral content in soil, plant & animal blood in different agro-climate zones of Bihar state were studied and on the basis of mineral deficient in soil, plant and animal blood, the area specific mineral mixture (ASMM) have been developed. The effects of ASMM were studied to improve production and reproduction of animals in four agro climatic zones of Bihar state. There was significant improvement in milk production and reproductive problems were noticed.
  • Institutional Animal Ethics Committee gets registered from CPCSEA office, new Delhi for experiments on laboratory animals under NAIP project. The experimental trail on Lab. Animals is under process according to the assigned objective.
  • Facilities to estimate hormones by ELISA technique.
  • Facilities to estimate Micro and Macro minerals in soil plant and animal blood by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) – PerkinElmer, Singapore.
  • All the facilities available for UG/PG teaching and practical.
  • Facilities to maintain laboratory animal under CPCSEA approved laboratory and also by institutional ethical committee for experimental trail to study bioavailability of micro and macro minerals on lab animals.
  • Apart from these facilities the department is also under the process of developing molecular physiology laboratory and molecular endocrinology laboratory. The other instruments are also available in the department for research purpose like Spectrophotometer, Gel Documentation system (Gel Doc) – Bio Rad, PCR (Thermocycler 46 well) – Bio Rad, Cooling Centrifuge machine and Mini Centrifuge – REMI and ECG machine.


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