Brief Introduction

Area of specialization:

  • Animal Breeding,
  • Molecular Genetics,
  • Bioinformatics

Five Best Publications:

  • Sharma M, Mathesh K, Dandapat P, Mariappan A K, Kumar R, Kumari S, Kapur V, Mann S, Jindal N, Basnsal N, Kadiwar R, Kumar A, Gupta N, Pawde A M and Sharma A K.(2023). Emergence of Mycobacterium orygis – Associated Tuberculosis in Wild Ruminants, India. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 29 (3): 661-63.
  • Kumari S, Bhushan B, Kumar A, Panigrahi M, Mehrotra A, Kumar G R , Chauhan A, Malla W A, Kumar S, Gaur G K and Dutt T.(2022). Comparison of gene expression profile in indigenous Ghurrah and exotic Landrace piglets. The Pharma Innovation Journal.11 (7): 2491-2493.
  • Mehrotra A, Bhushan B, Kumar A, Panigrahi M, Chauhan A, Kumari S, Saini B L, Dutt T and Mishra B P. (2022). Characterisation and comparison of immune response mechanisms in an indigenous and a commercial pig breed after classical swine fever vaccination. Animal Genetics. 53(1): 68-79.
  • Sharma N, Narang R, Kashyap N, Kumari S, Kaur S and Ratwan P. (2018). Genetic analysis of persistency in HF crossbred cattle at an organized farm of northern India. Tropical animal health and production. 50: 1219-1225.
  • Kumari S, Narang R, Malhotra P, Sharma N and Mehrotra A. (2019). Evaluation of reproductive performance of crossbred cattle maintained at an organized farm in Punjab. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 8(7): 159-162.

Other Publication :

  • Research Article : 09
  • Popular Article   : 06
  • Book Chapter     : 04

Members of Professional Societies :

S. No. Name of Society Duration Details
1 Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding (ISAGB) Life member ISAGB/501/475

Research Activities : NIL

Honours and Awards:

S. No. Name of Honours and Awards Awarding Organization Year
1 Merit scholarship award during B.V.Sc.&A.H. Bihar Agricultural University, Bhagalpur,  Sabour, 2007-2012
2 Merit scholarship award during M.V.Sc. Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana 2013-2015
3 Institute scholarship award during Ph.D. ICAR- IVRI, Izzatnagar, Bareilly 2015-2017
4 NFSC- Scholarship during Ph.D. University Grants Commission, New-Delhi 2017