College of Fisheries

College of Fisheries, Kishanganj

College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

The College of Fisheries, Kishanganj has been established on 29th August, 2018 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar. The State of Bihar and North Bihar in particular has vast potential for fisheries development. While working on Transformation of Agriculture in Bihar and in that context realising its potential fisheries by him and his Agriculture Advisor and former DG of ICAR, Dr. Manga Ram, the College of Fisheries has been established at Kishanganj. The College of Fisheries is located about 22Km away from the district town and 25Km away from Kishanganj Railway Station Kishanganj is known for good quality of tea production apart from pineapple and jutes being the first district in Bihar to produce tea at large scale. The College is situated beside the bank of River Mahananda.

            Mission the College of Fisheries has been established as an independent unit in the Integrated Agriculture College Campus shared by Dr. Kalam, Agriculture College of Bihar Agriculture University, Sabour. Producing fisheries graduates and entrepreneurs with creditable skills, capabilities and commitment to transform the sector through innovation and sustainable in the sole mission of this college. More specifically the college will provide quality education in core and emerging disciplines of fisheries science and will conduct basis, strategic, applied and operational research in fisheries, aquaculture and related science. The college will also lead the formulation and implementation of effective extension education and outreach programme.

            The College of Fisheries is committed to become excellence in teaching at the Undergraduate Master and Doctorate levels, besides certificates and diploma course.