Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization:

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Canine Medicine
  • Small Ruminant Medicine
  • Blood transfusion

Five Best Research Articles:

  • Mithilesh Kumar, Ranveer Kumar Sinha and Deepak Kumar (2020).Surgical Removal of Shaving Blade from Stomach of Dog.International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences,9(3): 2710-2714
  • Ranveer Kumar Sinha, Bibha Kumari and Bipin Kumar (2018).HaemorrhagicSepticaemia in Buffaloes and its Therapeutic Management – A Report of 3 Cases.International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, Special Issue-7:2633-2636
  • Nishant Prakash,Bibha Kumari, Ranveer Kumar Sinha, A. K. Das and Surendra Chaurasia (2018).International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences,Special Issue-7: 4560-4566
  • Anil Kumar, Ranveer Kumar Sinha, Archana, G. D. Singh and Ajeet Kumar(2019). Clinical management of jaundice in calves associated with bovine anaplasmosis. Journal of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry, 8(3): 2769-2771
  • Anil Kumar, Ankesh Kumar, Ranveer Kumar Sinha, Ramesh Tiwary and Nikee Kumari(2018).Clinical management of frustrating canine generalized demodecosis in a female germanshephard dog: A case report.The Pharma Innovation Journal, 7(4):634-636

Other publication:

  • Total research publication
: 17
  • Popular article
: 15
  • Book chapter
: 04
  • TV/ Radio talk
: 06

Member of Professional society:

  • Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine.
  • Society of Extension Education.
  • Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice.

Research Activities:

  • Completed Research Projects:


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Funding Agency


1 Prevalence of gastroenteritis in dogs  with special reference to etiology, haematological changes and its therapeutic management in and around Patna” (ProjectCodeS.P/A.H/BVC/ 2013-8) 2014 – 2016 Bihar Agricultural University,
Sabour, Bhagalpur
2 Incidence of  gastrointestinal helminth parasites in goat and theirtherapeutic management(Project Code-S.P/A.H/BVC/2013-7) 2013 -2015 Bihar Agricultural University,
Sabour, Bhagalpur