Brief Introduction

Area of specialization

  • Diagnostic techniques of infectious diseases
  • Prevention and control of diseases

Research Articles

  • Anand Mohan, Rajeev Kumar, Ajay Kumar Upadhyay, Mahesh Kumar, Sumit Mahajan, Arbind Singh and Vipul Thakur. (2012). Serotyping of FMD virus from bovine epithelium and virus visualization using Transmission Electron Microscopy. Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 30(2): 66-70.
  • Anand Mohan,Ajay Kumar Upadhyay, Mahesh Kumar, Sumit Mahajan, Arbind Singh and R.L Rathish. (2013). Seroepidemiological investigation of protective antibody titre against FMD virus in bovines of Uttarakhand. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 47(2): 142-146.
  • Anand Mohan, Pranabananda Das, Neelam Kushwaha, Kaliaperumal Karthik and Ankush Kiran Niranjan (2013). Investigation on the status of Johne’s disease based on agar gel immunodiffusion, ziehl-neelsen staining and nested PCR approach in two cattle farm. Veterinary World. 6(10):778-784.
  • Anand Mohan, Ajay Kumar Upadhyay, Mahesh Kumar, Neelam Kushwaha, Rashmi Singh and Sunil Kumar Rastogi (2014). Seroprevalence of Foot-and-Mouth Disease and protective antibody titre against it in Buffaloes. Buffalo Bulletin. 33(4): 284-292.
  • Anand Mohan, Das and Neelam Kushwaha.(2020). Diagnosis of paratuberculosis by fecal culture followed by nested-polymerase chain reaction. International Journal of Current Microbiology & Applied Science. 9(5):1731-1735.

Other publications:

  • Popular Article:          15
  • Manual:                       03
  • Technical articles:      20

Members of Professional Societies

  • Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine
  • Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologist, Immunologist and Specialists in Infectious Diseases
  • Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice
  • Veterinary Internal and Preventive Medicine Society
  • Society for Promotion of Farm & Companion Animals

Honours and Awards:

  • UGC-SRF (Jan., 2014 to Sept., 2014)
  • UGC-JRF (Jan., 2012 to Dec., 2013)
  • IVRI-SRF (Sept., 2010 to Dec., 2011)
  • ICAR-JRF (Aug., 2008 to Aug., 2010)
  • University Merit Scholarship (July, 2004 to July, 2006)
  • Best research article in Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine award for the year 2012.