Dr. Thakur Krishna Shankar Rao


Brief Introduction

Area of specialization

  • Livestock production and reproduction management
  • Livestock behaviour and welfare
  • Bull management, behaviour semen production

Research Articles

  • Chauhan, I. S., Gupta, A. K., Khate, K., Chauhan, A., Rao, T. K. S., Pathak, S., Hazra, R. and Singh, M. 2010. Tropical Animal Health Production, DOI 10.1007/s11250-010-9641-z. Genetic and Non genetic factors affecting semen production traits in Karan Fries crossbred bulls, NAAS Rating- 7.70
  • Patel, N. B., Fulsoundar, A. B., Rao, T. K. S., Singh, R. R., Chaudhary, S. S. and Patel, J. M. 2016. Buffalo Bulletin, 35(4): 677-688. Influence of hot-dry and hot-humid conditions on hematological and bio-chemical profile of surti buffaloes (Bubalusbubalis) under different cooling system. NAAS Rating- 6.50
  • Rao, T. K. S., Mohanty, T. K. and Bhakat, M. Indian Journal of Animal Science, 87 (4): 456-460. Effect of Vitamin E supplementation on semen and blood profile of vaccinated crossbred bulls. NAAS Rating- 6.40
  • Das, B., Kumar, N., Jadav, M. M., Solanki, J. B. and Rao, T. K. S. 2017. Tropical Animal Health Production, 49(8): 1577-1589. Physio-biochemical parameters: a potential tool for target-selective treatment of haemonchosis in the small ruminants. NAAS Rating- 7.70
  • Sriranga, K. R., Rao, T. K. S., Harini, K. R., Singh, R., Patel, N. B. 2023. Indian Journal of Animal Science, 93 (1): 90-94. https://doi.org/10.56093/ijans.v93i1.127117.  Expression of parlour behaviour, temperament, welfare and approach test in postpartum Surti buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). NAAS Rating- 6.40

Other publications:

  • Review articles: 14
  • Popular Articles: 42
  • Book authored: 03
  • Book chapters: 04
  • TV/ Radio talk- 01
  • Research publication: 43

Members of Professional Societies

  • SOCDAB, NBAGR Karnal
  • Veterinary Council of India (No. 002936)
  • Life Membership ISAPM, No. LM-918, Member since 2010
  • Life Membership GAAS (Gujarat Association for Agricultural Science) Membership No. 2262, Member since 15-12-2011
  • Life Member ISSGPU, Account No. 0800 03 2013
  • WIPO, Geneva Alumini
  • AGRESCO- Gujarat, Animal Science & Fisheries Research Sub-Committee
  • Member in “International Veterinary Information Services” (IVIS).
  • International Society of Environment Information Science Membership
  • SAPI (Society of Animal Physiology), Membership No. SAPI-12/19/517
  • Navsari Agricultural University Teachers Association (NAUTA), Navsari
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Buffalo Development (ISBD) – Membership No. (LM-0757)

Honours and Awards

S. No. Name of Awards/ Honours/ Recognition Awarding Organization
1. Merit scholarship during B. V. Sc. & A. H. Bihar Veterinary College, Patna (RAU, Pusa, Bihar)
2. Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) during M. V. Sc. (LPM) Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi,
3. Institute Fellowship during Ph. D. ICAR-NDRI, Karnal Haryana, India
4.  Student representative member, Board of Studies, LPM Section, NDRI Karnal, during year 2005-06- Class topper Ph. D. ICAR-NDRI, Karnal Haryana, India
5. Co-author in Best poster award- Rank-II; Indian Society of Animal Production Management- Silver Jubilee convention and National Seminar, October, 2014; Held at NAU, Navsari
6. Co-author in Best oral presentation award—Rank-I; Indian Society of Animal Production Management- Silver Jubilee convention and National Seminar, October, 2014; Held at NAU, Navsari
7. Nominated for “Best teacher Award”; Three times continuously from year 2015 to 2017. College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, NAU, Navsari Gujarat.
8. Elsevier Reviewer Recognition certificate awarded September, 2017; In recognition of the review made for Journal Animal Reproduction Science, Elsevier publication, Amsterdam, Netherland.