Dr. Tripti Kumari


Brief Introduction

Area of specialization

  • Livestock production management
  • Farm animal behaviour and welfare
  • Bull behaviour semen production

Research Articles

  • Kumari T., Pan S., Satapathy D., Choudhary R. K. and Beena S. 2018. Thermoadaptability of Stud Bulls Using Heat Tolerance Indices under Heterologus Climate. International Journal of Livestock Research. 8(1) : 47-54. NAAS Rating- 4.31
  • Kumari T., Bhakat C. and Singh A. K. Adoption of Management Practices to Control Sub Clinical Mastitis in Dairy Cattle. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies (2020); 8 (2) : 924-927. NAAS Rating-5.53
  • Kumari T., Pan S. and Choudhary R. K. 2020. Study to Assess the Effect of Breed, Season, and Breed x Season Interaction on Maintenance Behavior of Stud Bulls. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. 9 (6): 2833-2838. NAAS Rating-5.53
  • Sinha B., Mandal K. G., Singh R. K., Kumari R. and Kumari T. 2017. Estimates of Phenotypic Correlation Between External and Internal Egg Quality Traits in Gramapriya, Vanaraja and their Crosses. Journal of Animal Research. 7(3) : 1-8. NAAS Rating- 4.48.
  • Singh A. K., Bhakat C., Kumari T., Mandal D. K., Chatterjee A., Karunakaran M. and Dutta T. K. (2020). Influence of pre and postpartum alpha-tocopherol supplementation on milk yield, milk quality, and udder health of Jersey crossbred cows at tropical lower Gangetic region. Veterinary World. 13 (9) : 2006-2011. NAAS Rating- 7.60

Other publications:

  • Review articles: 08
  • Lead Paper: 01
  • Short Communication: 01
  • Popular Articles: 17
  • Training Manual: 01
  • Research paper:11

Members of Professional Societies

  • Indian Society of Animal Production and Management
  • Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity, Karnal
  • Agricultural Technology Development Society, U.P.
  • Society for Upliftment of Rural Economy, Varanasi
  • Agricultural & Environmental Technology Development Society, U.K., India
  • Life member of BVC Alumni Association, Patna

Honours and Awards

S. No. Name of Awards/ Honours/ Recognition Awarding Organization
1. Dr. P. Bhattacharya Gold Medal Award in MVSc (LPM) West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata
2. ICAR-SRF (PGS) Senior Research Fellowship Award ICAR New Delhi
3. Young Professional Award- 2017  Society for Upliftment of Rural Economy, Varanasi
4.  Best Research Scholar Award 2018  Agricultural Technology Development Society, U.P.
5. 2nd Best Oral Presentation Award

International Conference on Rural Livelihood Improvement for Enhancing Farmers’ Income through Sustainable Innovative Agri and Allied Enterprises held at BIT Mesra campus Patna on 30 October to 1 November 2018 organized by Society for Upliftment of Rural Economy.

6. 2nd Best Paper Award

National Conference on Innovations in Animal Production for Sustainability and Doubling Farmers Income organized by XXVI Annual Convention of the Indian Society of Animal Production and Management

7. Young Women Scientist Associate Award – 2020 Agricultural and Environmental Technology Society, U.K., India.
8. ICAR NET 2017 ICAR New Delhi