Dairy Technology


Dairy Technology is the core department of the Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology, Patna. For the last two years, the establishment of a plant and machinery for the processing of milk and products like cream, butter, and ghee is under process. The department has recently started M. Tech (DT) program to provide elite ‘human resources’ for various managerial positions in the industry. The main R&D thrust of this department has been on developing appropriate technologies for processing milk and milk products for which technologies already developed in the advanced countries of the world could not be adopted as such. The Department of Dairy Technology is involved in teaching, research, and extension activities and has made significant contributions to the development of technological know-how for the dairy industry.


  • To provide ‘human resource’ by conducting under-graduate, post-graduate courses for various managerial positions in the industry/academia
  • To develop appropriate technologies for processing of milk and milk products
  • To carry out research/consultancy project in collaboration with related disciplines on various aspects of Dairying
  • To provide short term training to targeted groups



  • UG Lab
  • PG Lab
  • Central Instrument Lab

Name of the equipment:

  • Gerber Centrifuge Machine (electrical)
  • Water Bath
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Paneer Pressing Machine
  • pH Meter
  • Microbalance
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Water Bath
  • Weighing Balance (0-100 kg)
  • Microwave oven
  • Water Distillation Unit
  • Milko Scan
  • Freeze Drier
  • Refrigerator
  • Induction Oven
  • Gas stove with Cylinder
  • Various types of utensils for conducting practicals

Academic Activities

UG Courses:

S. No. Course No Title of the Course Credit Hours
1 DTT-121 Market Milk 4 (3+1)
2 DTT-212 Traditional Indian Dairy Products 3 (2+1)
3 DTT-213 Fat Rich Dairy Products 3 (2+1)
4 DTT-214 Condensed & Dried Milks 4 (3+1)
5 DTT-221 Cheese Technology 5 (3+2)
6 DTT-222 Ice-cream & Frozen Deserts 3 (2+1)
7 DTT-311 By Products Technology 3 (2+1)
8 DTT-312 Packaging of Dairy Products 3 (2+1)
9 DTT-321 Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products 3 (2+1)
10 DTT-322 Food Technology – I 3(2+1)
11 DTT-421 Dairy Plant Management 2 (1+1)
12 DTT-422 Waste Disposal & Pollution Abatement 2 (1+1)
13 DTT-423 Food Technology -II 3 (2+1)


51 (27+14)
14 DTT-223 Student READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Programme-II (RDWEP-II) (Summer Break) 5 (0+5)
15 DTT-424 Student READY Experiential Learning Module 10(0+10)
16 DTT-411 Student READY In-Plant Training 20(0+20)



PG Courses:

Sl. No. Course Title Course No. Credit Hours
1. Advances in Dairy Technology DT-511 3+1
2. Advances in Food Technology DT-512 3+1
3. Rheology of Dairy and Food Products DT-513 2+1
4. Biotechnology for Dairy Applications DT-514 2+1
5. Advances in Traditional Indian Dairy Products DT-515 2+1
6. Non- Conventional Processes for Dairy and Food Industry DT-516 2+1
7. Master’s seminar DT-591 1+0

2nd Semester

8. Membrane Processing for Dairy Application DT-521 2+1
9. Advances in Dairy and Food Packaging DT-522 2+1
10. Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals DT-524 3+1
11. Advances in Cheese Technology DT-526 2+1

Research Activities

  • Completed Research Projects
Sl. No. Details PI/Co-PI
1. Development of questionnaire and Market survey to access potential of cow milk and milk products acceptability. With COMFED, Bihar, March, 2021 to Oct, 2022. PI & Co-PI
2. Evaluation and monitoring of schemes sanctioned under National Program for Dairy Development (2018-2019) for Kosi Dairy Project (KDP), Purnia. With COMFED, Bihar. Total fund was 3 lakh. 27.09.2021 to 30.03.2022 PI
3. Concurrent Evaluation and monitoring of schemes sanctioned under National Program for Dairy Development (2018-2019) for Magadh Dairy, Gaya. COMFED, Bihar. Total budget was 3 lakh. April, 2022 to 29.03.2023


PI & Co-PI
4. Project entitled “Process optimization for thermal sterilization of Paneer of milk from Bihar origin. Going on since 2018 to August,2020 Funded by Govt of Bihar) Co-PI
5. Project entitled ‘Process Standardization of Khoa based Ramdana Lai’ as a Major Guide completed in January, 2020. Curriculum Research
6. Project entitled Market assessment and process upgradation of Indigenous milk product of Bihar origin Khorma and Channa Balusahi at Dairy Technology Division, S.G.I.D.T Patna completed in March 2015. (Funded by Govt of Bihar) PI & Co-PI
7. Project entitled Enhancement of shelf life of Paneer by using Bio-Preservative at Dairy Technology Division S.G.I.D.T, Patna. 2013 to 2016. PI & Co-PI
  • Ongoing Research Projects:
Sl. No. Details PI/Co-PI
1. World Bank funded Training project on “Dairy Management and Value Addition to Milk  ( Fund Rs.15,24,096/- (Fifteen lakhs twenty four thousands and ninety six only) for Dairy Farmers sponsored by Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project, Animal, Fisheries Resources Department (Govt. of Bihar) PI/Co-PI
2. Development of questionnaire and Market survey to access potential of cow milk and milk products acceptability as Co-PI/Associated Funded/Sponsored by COMFED, Bihar (F. No. 123/DR/basu/2021/696; dated: 18.03.2021) by SGIDT, Patna w.e.f. Feb, 2021 to continue


3. Concurrent Evaluation and monitoring of schemes sanctioned under National Program for Dairy Development (2018-2019) for VIMUL, Bhagalpur.  Total budget: 2 lakh. July, 2023 to continue



Faculty Members



Mobile No.

E-Mail ID


01 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar


sanju_kvk@yahoo.co.in More
02 Dr. Bipin Kumar Singh


bipinsgidt@gmail.com More
03 Mr. Suryamani Kumar
suryamanikr@gmail.com More
04 Dr. Jui Lodh 9355617232 juilodh2009@gmail.com More
05 Dr. Diwakar Mishra 7019679209 diwakaraaidu@gmail.com More

Supporting Staff

S. No. Name of Staff Designation Contact No.
 1. Mr. Pankaj Kumar Technical Assistant  9798670979
2 Mr. Keso Yadav Lab Attendant 7277266186

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Contact Details

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Associate Professor & Head
Department of Dairy Technology
Sanjay Gandhi Institutes of Dairy Technology
Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 8709816443
Email ID.: sanju_kvk@yahoo.co.in