Dr. Ajit Kumar


Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization:     

  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Veterinary Protozoology
  • Diagnosis of Parasites

Five best Research articles:

  • Kumar, Ajit., Sinha, S. and Prasad, K.D. (2005). Control of Sarcoptesscabiei infestation in pigs by the chemical and herbal acaricides.Indian Vet. J. 82 (2): 17-19.
  • Kumar, Ajit., Prasad, K.D and Kumar, R.R. (2005). Impact of helminthic diseases control on draught power capabnility (DPC) in working bullocks and buffaloes.Indian J. Anim. Sci. 75 (2): 224-226.
  • Kumar, Ajit and Kumar, Pankaj. (2013). Emergence of anthelmintic resistances in an organised goat flock in Bihar. Indian Vet.J. 92 (1): 86-87.
  • Samantaray, S., Kumar, Ajit., Shekhar, P. and Kumar, S. (2010). Report on the clinical trial of Isometamedium chloride Hcl against Trypanosomaevansi. Indian Vet. J.10 (87): 1037-1038.
  • Kumar, Ajit and Anjay. (2016). Vaccination against Veterinary importance Parasitic diseases: An overview. Journal of Zoological Sciences. 4 (3): 07-12

Other publications:

Popular article : 56
Review Article :
Books authored : 04
Book chapters written : 06
TV/Radio talks : 58

Members of Professional Societies

  • Society of Extension Education, Agra
  • Indian Society of Extension Education, New Delhi
  • International Science Congress Association, Indore

Research Activities

Completed Research Projects:

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1 Evaluation of anthelmintic properties of ethnoveterinary plant preparations used as livestock dewormers by Pastoralists and farmers in Bihar 3 Years BAU, Sabour PI :Dr.Ajit Kumar

Co-PI :

2 Goat (Capra hircus) tissue residue study utilizing Fipronil and Ivermectin active ingredient compounds 1 Year Associated Genesis laboratories, Colorado,US PI:

Co-PI: Dr.Ajit Kumar

3 Health monitoring and Disease surveillance of farm animals ICAR, New Delhi Co- PI- Dr.Ajit Kumar
4 Studies on ectoparasitic dermatitis in domesticated animals, role of herbal extracts in ectoparasite management. 3  Years BAU, Sabour PI:

Co-PI: Dr.Ajit Kumar

5 Surveillance, monitoring and forecasting of gastrointestinal parasitic disease of cattle and buffaloes in Bihar 3 Years BAU, Sabour PI:

Co-PI: Dr.Ajit Kumar

     6 Incidence of gastrointestinal helminth parasites in goats and their therapeutic management 3 Years BAU, Sabour PI:

Co-PI: Dr.Ajit Kumar

      7 Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance   – AICRP PI:

Co-PI: Dr.Ajit Kumar

Honours and Awards

  • ICAR- Senior Research Fellow ( ICAR- SRF, PGS)
  • Young Scientist Award from the Society for Scientific Development in Agricultural & Tech.
  • Excellence in Teaching Award from Society for Agricultural Innovation and Development (SAID), Ranchi. Jharkhand.
  • First Prize as a Team member in State level Agri Expo-2004 at BAU, Sabour.
  • Winner of Award of All India Technical Article (Veterinary and Animal Husbandry) Writing Competition 2020.
  • Appreciation Award for contribution in Coordination of online Education & Webinars during COVID-19 Lock down period