Dr Sanjiv Kumar


Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization :

  • Role of metals in inflammation
  • Poultry Pathology

Five best Research articles:

  • Sanjiv Kumar, Ranjan R., Singh, K.K. and Gupta M.K. (2009). In vivo chemotactic   evaluation of ferrous ions in piglets. Indian J. Vet. Path. 33(2):160-162.
  • Kumar, Sanjiv, K.K. Singh and M.K. Gupta (2010). Histopathological assessment of pig skin treated with free iron – an endogenous chemical mediator of inflammation. Indian   J. Vet. Pathol.34(1) 32-33.
  • Kumar, Sanjiv, Verma, S.K. and Singh, P. (2010). Multisystem involvement of Hydatid cyst- Veterinary practitioner. 11, No.1, June: 8-9.
  • Sanjiv Kumar, Santosh K. Verma and Pawanjit Singh (2012). Comparative study of haematological parameter of Broilers and Japanese Quails. Vet. Pract. June 2012, 13(1):76-77.
  • Sanjiv Kumar, Santosh K. Verma and Upendra Kumar (2012) Interstitial nephritis in dogs. Vet. Pract. Dec. 2012 Vol. 13 (2): 318.


Research Papers : 50
Abstracts : 60
Books : 01
Popular Articles : 25

Honours and Awards

  • Recipient of ICAR – JRF (2001)
  • University Chancellor’s Gold Medal for BVSc & AH (2001), CSAUA&T, Kanpur
  • K P Roy Memorial award for best short communication (2010) by Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology.
  • Best Poster presentation award (2012) by Indian Society for Advancement Canine Practice (ISACP), Lucknow.
  • Second best paper presentation award 2020, Zonal conference of IAVP Central Zone; Feb2020, BAU, Ranchi

Members of Professional Societies

  • Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists (IAVP), Izzatnagar, UP
  • Veterinary practitioner, Bikaner
  • Indian Society for Advancement Canine Practice (ISACP), Lucknow.

Research Activities
Completed Research Projects:

Sl. No.

Title of the Project


Funding Agency


1. Cytopathological, histological diagnosis and grading of superficial neoplasia in animal 3 Years
Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour


2. Prevalence and etiopathology of early chick mortality in poultry farms in and around Patna 2 Years
Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour


3. Pathomorphological and immunological studies of selenium toxicity induced in broiler chicken and in natural cases of animals in prone area of Bihar 3 Years
Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour