Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization:

  • Poultry Nutrition
  • Feed additive and supplements
  • Unconventional Feed Resources
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Phytobiotics

Five Best Research Articles:

  • P.K. Singh (2008). Significance of phytic acid and supplemental phytase in chicken nutrition: a review. World’s Poultry Science Journal. 63:553-580
  • P.K. Singh, V.K. Khatta, R.S. Thakur, S. Dey and M.L. Sangwan (2003). Effects of phytase supplementation on the performance of broiler chickens fed maize and wheat based diets with different levels of non-phytate phosphorus. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science.16 (11): 1642-1649.
  • P.K.Singh, Chandramoni, K. Kumar and S. Kumar (2016). Effect of feeding wheat and rice straw based complete feed blocks on nutrients utilization, blood biochemical and growth performance in crossbred calves. Indian Journal of Animal Science. 86 (7): 771-776.
  • P.K. Singh, A. Kumar and D.P. Tiwari (2019). Effects of dietary supplementation of black cumin, garlic and turmeric on the production performance and egg quality of White Leghorn Hens. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology. 19: 361-370
  • Kumar, D Kumar, P. K.Singh, T. Dhiman and I. Yoon (2019). Effect of dietary supplementation of XPC on milk production in lactating Murrah Buffaloes. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology.19: 487-494.

Other publication:

  • Book authored
: 07
  • Research article
: 63
  • Review article
: 03
  • Popular article
: 42
  • Book chapters
: 28
  • Practical manuals
: 04
  • TV/Radio talk
: 10

Member of Professional society:

  • Life member of Animal Nutrition Society of India
  • Life member of Animal Nutrition Association of India
  • Life member of Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research

Research Activities:

Completed Research Projects:



Period (tenure)
with  dates

Funding Agency


1 Complete feed block for sustainable livestock production in Bihar 3 years
Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour PI: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
Co-PI: Dr. Chandramoni
2 Poultry Seed Project during IXth five year plan 4 years
Project Directorate on Poultry, Hyderabad PI: Dr. M K Choudhary
Co-PI: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
3 Improvement of Feed Resources and Nutrient Utilization in raising animal production 3 years
AICRP, ICAR. Delhi Co-PI: Dr. C. Singh
Co-CCPI: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
4 Effect of feeding apple pomace on the performance of growing sheep 2 years
SKUAST (K), Srinagar, J&K, India PI: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
Co-PI: Dr. F.A.Matoo
5 Utilization of locally available tree leaves as a feed resource of rabbits. 2 years
Project Directorate on Poultry, Hyderabad PI: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
Co-PI: Dr. A.S.Bhat

Ongoing Research Projects:

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1. Formulation and evaluation of area specific mineral mixture on the performance of dairy cattle and buffaloes

3 years

Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna PI: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
Co-PI: Dr. Kaushalendra Kumar
2. Innovation Grant under National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP)

4 years

ICAR PI: Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Nodal Officer (GRM): Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Honours and Awards:

  • Dr. S.K.Ranjhan Best Doctoral Thesis award’ 2016-17  by Animal Nutrition Society of India
  • ‘Young Scientist Award’ by Uttarakhand State Council of Science & Technology, India
  • ‘Distinguished Dairy Professional Award’ by Dairy Technocrats’ Association of Bihar
  • ‘Excellence in Research Award’ by Society of Agricultural Innovation & Development, India
  • ‘Adjunct Faculty, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  •  ICAR- Junior Research Fellowship award during post-graduation
  • Vice President (Eastern Region)’ of Animal Nutrition Society of India.
  • Executive member of Animal Nutrition Association of India.
  • Best Poster Presentation award of Animal Nutrition Society of India of year 2019