Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization:     

  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Histochemistry

Five best Research articles:

  1. Avnish Kumar Gautam, Sanjay Ray, Partha Das, Arun Kumar Mandal, Nirmal Kumar Tudu, Dharmendra Singh and Moffijul Islam. Macroscopic study on the cerebrum of post hatch broiler chicken with reference to age. JEZS, 2020; 8(3): 1926-1929.
  2. Avnish Kumar Gautam,Uma Kant Mishra and Arun Kumar Mandal (2019). Electrophoretic Pattern of Protein Molecules in Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue of Prenatal Goat. IJCMAS, (2019) 8(2): 215-220.
  3. A.K.Gautam and U.K.Mishra. Development of Intestinal Immunity in Prenatal Stages of Black Bengal Goat. Journal of Cell and tissue Research Vol.(1),2016.
  4. A.K.Gautam and U.K.Mishra. Histochemical and transmission electron microscopic studies of spleen in prenatal stages of goat. Indian Journal of Animal research. 49(1) 2015:59-62.
  5. Gautam,A.K., Mishra,U.K., Das,R.K., Mandal,A.K and Bharti,S.K. Histomorphological studies on the Pre-Natal development of the  spleen in Goat embryo. The Indian Veterinary Journal, 88(11). 18-20, Nov.2011.

Other publications:

  • Scientific paper-44
  • Popular article: 08
  • Book chapters written: 1

Members of Professional Societies

  • Indian association of Veterinary Anatomist
  • Member of Pashudhan Prahari

Research Activities

Sl. No.

Title of the Project  Capacity Duration Funding agency


To prepare visual add of leg conformation of Horse  Co- PI 24 Month
Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour.

Honours and Awards

  • University Gold Medal in  (M.V.Sc.), Bhubaneswar,India.
  • Junior Research Fellowship Award by ICAR, New Delhi, India.
  • National Excellence Award by Pashudhan Prahari,India
  • Best Researcher award by VDSA, Trichy, India
  • Best Paper Presentation Award, Tirupati, India.