Brief Introduction

Area of specialization:

  • Veterinary Gross Anatomy
  • Veterinary Histology & Ultra Structure
  • Veterinary Embryology

 Research article

  • M. K.Sinha ,S.Ray,A.K. Gautam,M.K.Singh and I.Ali (2015). Comparative Gross and Histological Studies on Nasal Cavity of Black Bangal Goat and Garole Sheep.Indian journal of Veterinary Anatomy 27 (1):53-54, June 2015.
  • Sinha M. K, Ray. S, Das. P, and Choudhary,R.K (2012) . Histological studies on the organs of upper respiratory tract from nostril to larynx in Bangal Goat and Garole Sheep. Journal of cell and tissue Research Vol.12(1) 3049-3053(2012).
  • Deepak Kumar, Avnishh Kumar Gautam and Manoj Kumar Sinha. (2016) Histopathological alterations of selenium toxicity induced in broiler (Birds) Indian J.Anim.Res.
  • M. K. Singh, R.K. Ghosh, A .K. Gautam, N. K. Singh and M. K. Sinha. (2013) Gross Anatomical and Histomorphological Study of Rabbit Hippocampus (orytolaguscuniculus). The Indian Journal of Field Veterinarians. Vol 9 No (2):20-22

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Members of Professional Societies:

  • Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomy

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1. To Prepare Visual aid of Leg Conformation of Horse Co- PI


Bihar Agricultural University ,Sabour