Brief Introduction

Area of Specialization:     

  • Veterinary Gross Anatomy
  • Veterinary Histology & Ultra Structure
  • Veterinary Embryology

Five best Research articles:

  • N.K.Singh, M.K.Sinha and M.K.Singh (2014). Pathology of lungs of chicken in and around Patna, J.Interacad.18 (4):573-575.
  • N.K.Singh and M.Kumari . (2011). Histomorphological studies on submandibular salivary gland in rabbit. J.Interacad.15 (2):282-286
  • N.K.Singh,P. K. Singh and R.K.Choudhary(2011). Histological observation on infraorbital salivary gland of rabbit, .Interacad.15(2):339-340.
  • N.K.Singh, and R.K.Choudhary(2011).Certain histochemical observations on parotid and infraorbital salivary glands of rabbit.J.Interacad.15 (1):116-121.
  • N.K.Singh,K kumar and R.K.Choudhary(2010).Histological studies on parotid salivary gland of rabbit.J.Interacad.14(4):504-508.

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Members of Professional Societies

  • Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomy
  • Society for upliftment of rural economy

Research Activities

Completed Research Project


Title of the project Capacity Duration Funding agency
1. To Prepare Visual aid of Leg Conformation of Horse Co-PI 2013-15 Bihar Agricultural University ,Sabour


  • Best Paper Award- IAVA-2004
  • Distinguished Scientist Award, Society for Agriculture Renovation Developmental – 2019