Dr. Pankaj Kumar Choudhary


Brief Introduction

Area of specialization:

  • Environmental Physiology
  • Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology
  • Cardiovascular Physiology

Five Best Publications:

  • P.K.Choudhary, G.K.Choudhary, P.K.Das, S.Sanyal, P.R. Ghosh. (2010). Effect of Induced Hypertension on Physiological & Haemodynamic Parameters in Murrah Buffalo. Indian J. of Animal Res., 44(1):70-72.
  • P.K. Choudhary, G.K. Choudhary, P.K. Das, S. Sanyal, P.R. Ghosh. (2009) Standardization of blodd pressure measurement in Buffaloes by oscillometric technique. Indian Veterinary Journal, Chennai.January 2009;86:32-34.
  • Pankaj K. Choudhary, Ajay K. Ishwar, Pramod Kumar, Rajesh Kumar. (2022) Efficacy of Melatonin Administration via Different Route on Reproductive Performance and Blood Mineral Profile in Chhotanagpuri Ewe. The Indian Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Biotechnology. 18(4):81-85.
  • Choudhary, P.K., Ishwar, A.K., Kumar, R., Niyogi, D. and Kumar, M. (2018). Effect of exogenous melatonin and different photoperiods on oxidative status and antioxidant enzyme activity in Chhotanagpuri ewe, Veterinary World, 11(2): 130-134.
  • P.K. Choudhary, A.K.Ishwar, P.K. Maurya,P. Kumar, D.Niyogi and M. Kumar. (2018). Effect of exogenous melatonin and different photoperiods on total leucocyte count in Chhotanagpuri ewe. Multilogic in Science, Volume VIII :136-138.

Other Publication :

  • Research Paper in referred Journal: 44
  • Popular Article: 24
  • Practical Manual: 06
  • Abstract in conference/ symposium/ workshop/seminar: 24
  • Clinical Article : 3
  • Book Chapter: 8
  • News Letter: 4

Members of Professional Societies :

  • Life member of Society of Animal Physiologist of India (SAPI)
  • Life Member of Society Veterinary Sciences and Biotechnology (SVSBT)
  • Life member of North East veterinarian

Research Activities :

Honours and Awards:

Sr. No. Name of Award/ Honour/ Recognition Conferred by (Name of Organization) Year of Award
1. Best Teacher Award for the session 2019-2020 by Hon’ble V.C. A.N.D.U.A.T., Ayodhya (UP) Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Ayodhya-224229 (U.P.) 2020
2. Certificate of Appreciation for Veterinary Corona Warrior Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mumbai 2021
3. Young Scientist Award Society for Agriculture Innovation and Development (SAID)  2017
4. Young Teacher Award Science & Technology for Integrated Rural Improvement (S&T SIRI), Warangal, Telangana 2017
5. Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award Society for Agriculture Innovation and Development (SAID) 2018