Brief Introduction

Area of specialization:

  • Blood Transfusion in small animals
  • Hemoprotozoan disease of livestock

Research article

  • Anil Kumar and S. Haque (2013). Studies On Therapeutic Efficacy of Fresh and Stored Blood Transfusion in Clinically Anemic Canines. The Indian Journal of Field Veterinarians. Vol.9, No.2, PP: 23-25.
  • Anil Kumar and Rajesh Kumar (2016). Effect of Blood Transfusion On Clinic-Biochemical Parameters in Anaemic Pups” The Indian Journal of Veterinary Science & Biotechnology. Vol.12, No.1, PP: 41-44.
  • Anil Kumar, M K Singh, G D Singh1, Nikee Kumari and Shashi Kala (2019). Bovine Theileriosis and Its Therapeutic Management in Crossbred Cows- A Clinical Study in 3 Cases. Journal of Agri Search, 6(Special Issue):119-121
  • Anil Kumar, Pallav Shekhar, G.D. Singh, Ramesh Tiwary and Ajit Kumar (2019). Canine Ehrlichiosis in A Dachshund Dog and Its Therapeutic Management. Indian Journal of Canine Practice, Volume 11 (1):25-26.
  • Anil Kumar, Ranveer Kumar Sinha, Archana, GD Singh and Ajeet Kumar (2019). Clinical Management of Jaundice in Calves Associated with Bovine Anaplasmosis. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 8(3): 2769-2771.

Other Publications:

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Members of Professional Societies:

  • Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine (ISVM)
  • Veterinary Internal and Preventive Medicine (VIPM)
  • Indian Society of Advance Canine Practice (ISACP)