Dr. Sudha Kumari


Brief Introduction

Area of specialization:

  • Salmonellosis of poultry

Research article

  • Sudha Kumari, Rajesh Kumar. Archana Kumari and Pankaj Kumar (2015) Gross and Histopathological study of artificially infected Salmonella gallinarum in poultry birds. Interacad.J.19 (2):224-226
  • Kumar, S. Sinha, S. Kumari, Sudha Kumari, SRP. Sinha and Pankaj Kumar. Efficacy of (Azadirachta Indica) and pineapple (Ananas comosus) leaf powder on Ascaridia galli in chicken The Indian Journal of Veterinary Science and Biotechnology Vol.12 No.(2) Oct.-Dec. 2016,
  • Satendra Kumar, Sucheta Sinha, Sudha Kumari, Pankaj Kumar, SRP Sinha and Samantaray (2014) Incidence of Cysticercus cellulosae    Infection in Pig in Patna. Journal of veterinary public health,2014,12(2):00-00
  • Pankaj Kumar, Sucheta Sinha, S.R.P.Sinha, A.K.Gautam, Sudha Kumari and S.Kumar. Comparative efficacy of cypermethrin, Deltamethrin and Zerokeet Against Brown Dog Ticks. The Indian Journal of Veterinary Science and Biotechnology11 No.(4) April-June 2016,pp 65-67.
  • Kumari S, Anjay, Kumar M, Kaushik P, Kumari S and Kumar P (2019) Detection of rotavirus in diarrheic bovine calves by RNA-PAGE. Journal of AgriSearch, Special Issue 6: 131-134.

Other Publications:

  • Radio Talk           :      03

Members of Professional Societies:

  • Bihar Veterinary Council
  • Indian Association of Microbiology, Immunologists &Specialists of Infectious diseases
  • Indian Association of Canine club.

Research Activities

 Completed Research Projects:

S. No.

Title of research project Duration Funding agency PI/Co-PIs
1 Detection of Rotavirus in Diarrhoeic calves in and around Patna.. 2 year
BAU Sabour, Bhagalpur Co-PI
2 Prevalence and Etiopathology of early chicks mortality in poultry farm in and Patna 2 year
BAU Sabour, Bhagalpur Co-PI

Honours and Awards:

  • Recipient of best Poster presentation in ISSGAPU BVC, Patna
  • Popular article- 1(one)
  • Others -5 (Five)