PG-Department of Veterinary Anatomy

S. No.Course No.Course TitleUnitTopicAudio/Video/Study Materials DateLink
5VAN- 601Comparative sociology and OsteologyIIComparative Studies On Metacarpals Of OxPresentation25.11.2020Download
4VAN- 601Comparative osteology and OrthologyIIComparative studies of Carpal bone of ox Presentation13.11.2020Download
3VAN- 601Comparative Sociology and ArthologyIIRadius Of Ox And Others AnimalsPresentation20.10.2020Download
2VAN-605Theory and practice of histological and histochemicalIPreparation of tissue and using different fixativesPresentation13.10.2020Download
1VAN-601Comparative sociology and ArthologyIIHumerus ( Arm and Brachial bone)Presentation13.10.2020 Download